Star Trek The Cage

“She has an illusion and you have reality”

Something I have never done before, not that not true I tried years ago before getting into modelling, I created this image but first with my “series” version of the USS Enterprise, it was commented and criticise, so I adjusted my model to better show the first pilot look, but I consider that had Jeffery Hunter had remained with Star Trek for the series, the Enterprise would have looked like Kirk’s, it was a pilot just as “Where no man has gone before” is the unheard of second pilot.

It gave me great pleasure to know that Jeffery Hunter son enjoyed the one of my test images and used it on his Facebook page, I made another image that would work better, but I had a lot of fun doing something slightly different with my models, I hope you like them.

“The Cage” is the first pilot episode It was completed in early 1965
“She has an illusion and you have reality”
Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike
Susan Oliver as Vina
Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock
Majel Barrett as Number One
John Hoyt as Dr. Phillip Boyce
Peter Duryea as Lieutenant José Tyler
Laurel Goodwin as Yeoman J. M. Colt

The background art Rapid Nebula by Ali Ries Casperium


Constitution Reboot Completed

I have finished my rework/rebooted Constitution class, as of today I am finished other designs I want to work on, just to recap, this is larger then the official scale of the Connie, I had to enlarge it to address so many issues, this is 1311.5 ft long or 399.7 meters, I posted basic image here before, for these I used Ali Ries wonderful and scenic space art with permission for these WIP images..

I hope you like the design.



Constitution Class Reworked

Last renders until the new year, I realized I never rendered this in a scene?  time to change that and see how it looked. I am pleased it it, and find I want to add some new subtle details. but that will be in the new year, so until then happy holidays and prosperous new year in 2018.


Reboot in Bright Nebula Ali 3Reboot in Bright Nebula Ali 1Reboot in Bright Nebula AliReboot in Bright Nebula Ali 2D

Happy Holidays and New Year 2018

While I am taking a break from the Nautilus submarine design I made a short video showing my favourite top 20 star trek designs, I have used images / screen-caps from films and episodes found on line save one image of the Daedalus class as its never had any screen time (to my knowledge) but found a great rendering of a Daedalus class by the Dean of Trek Doug Drexler and I included Ilia theme by Jerry Goldsmith to set the tone.
In every Star Trek group, the question arises what are your favourite Star Trek designs so I have as mentioned above selected 20 designs I like, number one placement goes from the original Enterprise and moves on from there, there are a number of reasons for my selection which I will not go into in so many words.

Mostly the designs I like the most are those that follow the Gene Roddenberry Starship design rules .

The List in order

01 Constitution-class

02 Constitution-class Refit
03 Galaxy-class
04 Excelsior-class
05 Miranda-class
06 Sovereign-class
07 Ambassador-class
08 Constellation-class
09 Intrepid-class
10 NX-class
11 Oberth-class
12 Akira-class
13 Nova-class
14 Nebula-class
15 Defiant-class
16 Monarch-class freighter
(Merchantmen Star Trek 3 The Search for Spock)
17 Antares-type
18 Daedalus-class
19 Danube-class
20 Class J starship
These different classes are explained on Memory Alpha
Link to Vimeo Video below


Nautilus WIP

These designs seem to take me longer to complete, was it always so, but the exterior has been reworked minus textures, I may not bother doing it for this build but I will see once I have finished the interior and this time I mean to finish it, in 2018.

Here are some new images, reworked the nuts and bolts, though I did say I’d never do them again, alas I could not leave well enough alone and they have all been redone, a real time consuming effort, boy am I a grump today.

Overall the design is the same but with tweaks that I think improve the look a little more, the scale is the same, hatches except for a new forward hatch is the same, I need to tweak the salon window, I think its too large and needs some structural elements.

Thanks for looking