Nautilus Rework

Reworking the forward section of the Nautilus, I added a forward hatch just behind the wheelhouse, I was never happy with the cut I made through the upper section of the Salon.

With the cut gone and only having one entrance, finding Nemo would descend the steps turning aft and travelling back through a short corridor and the a stairwell, heading down to the main deck (2) (there are 3 levels) then turning forward walking through the dining room, library, salon and right hatch through the corridor to the next stairwell to the wheelhouse.
So I decided to add a second one 

I am also thinking of adding oblong windows to the Salon removing the current setup.

Its fun but time consuming working out these details..

nautilus-cutaway-2017 001

Last Adventure Cetacean

The Cetacean

Last image of the Cetacean for a while, all models by me I included a Poser3d swimmer, what mysteries with Mark Harris discover, you decide.




Man from Atlantis

The Man from Atlantis

The Submarine “Cetacean” discovers something unexpected of the Coast of Peru, Mark Harris swims to investigate.



Cetacean and Base

Finished Cetacean hope you like the result for this old design and mostly forgotten TV series.. moving on to do some Space-ships for a while.
I had a few suggestions for the render, and the main suggestion was to add some bubbles! so here is the same image a little darker and has bubbles.

render10 copy