Star Trek USS Enterprise Reimagined Refit Phase-II


This is my version of the Enterprise Refit Phase II, not so much a new ship as it’s based directly on my older reimagined Constitution class, the main changes are the warp engines and changes to the secondary hull interior and deflector dish area only and the hangar deck and so on a tweak here and there for good measure.
I included a redesigned hangar deck and cargo area, inspired by Star Trek The Motion Picture Refit Enterprise. with 2 independent elevators to move them down to the shuttle storage and cargo area, I might add more details to this area later.

Star Trek TOS Ships


Just finished my final Star Trek designs, Klingon/Romulan D7 Battle Cruiser, apart from Art renderings in the future, I am moving away from Star Trek modelling, looking for new areas to explore.

Star Trek Space Dock 2020


Happy New Year 2020

Slowly returning to normal after the holiday break, and now after a time away from CGI getting my mind back into gear for it. so I took the reimagined Enterprise etc for another render.

I think most fan like the spacedock scene in STTMP, I know I do.

Star Trek Drydock

Latest rendering with my reimagined Constitution design, I have made additions to the fleet since my last post.

So on to rendering, I reworked these images and will get to the other designs in the future like the Reliant and Loknar etc.