Star Trek Constitution Reimagined Part 7

Constitution Class Reimagined

My re-imagined constitution class, the biggest adjustment is the scale from “947 ft” to “1311’5 ft” & I made changes to deck height to fix as many issue as possible.. I did have it at 1260 ft thinking that it would fix the areas of interest. but that did not solve issues with the shuttle bay access corridors at the sides of the bay, so again I had to enlarge the design, which was creating a new problem for me as to the deck count, I always put that at 23 via The Making of Star Trek by Stephen E. Whitfield & Gene Roddenberry and I did not want to stray to far from that.

 But one area I thought I needed to establish is the deck heights, what to use, other fans think 9.6 or work, which is fine. I chose to go with the set plans and make it 10ft for the deck heights for corridors as seen in Series, it is the visual established look for the series. I think if they are lower it would effect the look so right or wrong its what I used.

Some of the decks in the secondary hull are taller than the 10ft mentioned mostly due to the shape of the design, this included the dorsal neck and the Engineering section mostly helps in the area for fuel, maintenance and cargo, for example in the connecting neck I have turbo elevator maintenances area. with the rescale there is enough room.. just to do this.. 

One of my favourite sources is The Making of Star Trek by Stephen E. Whitfield & Gene Roddenberry 1968, and I have look to it for guidance in some areas, (I think its canon though I also think that as the book was published in 1968 (second season) many idea and thoughts on scale where in flux, busy enough just keeping the show on air.

In The Making of Star Trek book the shuttle bay height and width is 30ft by 60ft and 100ft long.. now I assume this is only the bay area proper and not including the corridors to each side we see in Star Trek Season 2, Episode 10 – Journey to Babel at this new scale there is room for a corridor, while there is very little room practically none with the established canon scale of 947ft, I think the following post from Memory Alpha is worth sharing.

“The dimensions of the Constitution-class, 947 feet (289 meters) long for the original configuration and 1,000 feet (305 meters) for the refit-configuration, are the ones that are universally accepted by production staff and fans alike, and propagated in virtually all reference works dealing with the subject, starting with the very first one, The Making of Star Trek, published in 1968. That being said and oddly enough, neither dimension has actually ever been canonically confirmed, as neither dimension was ever seen or referred to in any of the live-action Star Trek productions.

The original configuration length of 947 feet was first derived from Stephen Edward Poe‘s reference book, The Making of Star Trek, p. 178, and that dimension has been propagated in every subsequent reference work ever since. However, what Poe did not mention was that designer Matt Jefferies had originally produced that graphic in 1967 as a reference for Poe’s employer, model kit company Aluminum Metal Toys for their 1968 second edition retooled USS Enterprise model kit, No. S951 – where the graphic was displayed on the side of the box prior to its publication in the book – and not for the actual Original Series production. Remarkably, the dimension of the starship had been in flux until that time as producer Gene Roddenberry‘s memo of 24 August 1964 evidenced, “We anticipate a final design might see the ship as 200 feet in length, and thus even a 1½-inch scale would give us quite a huge miniature.” This figure, initially accompanied with a crew complement of 203 would actually more or less stand until Jefferies, utilizing his engineering background, recalculated the figures for his design three years later. (The Making of Star Trek, pp. 89, 134)”


So with that been said I have with some adjustment with deck scales (something I did not want to do), but you can see I found some workable changes, most decks are 10ft, but in the dorsal neck they have 12ft and this works with lining up portholes (assuming mine are close enough) then in the secondary hull all decks save 2 are 10ft ,, the top and lower most decks here are 16ft,, this is something I am not entirely happy with but,, these levels could have need for for structural supports for the dorsal neck and perhaps something else ,, antimatter storage or something.. but this works for me.


Latest Renders below

Length: 1311’5 Feet
Width: 577’5 Feet
Height: 319’11 Feet
23 Decks.
Crew Complement 430.
7 Class F Shuttlecraft
Total Escape Pods 192
164 Escape Pods in the Primary Hull (4 persons per Escape Pod is 656)
28 Escape Pods in the Secondary Hull( 4 persons per Escape Pod is 128)

Total Escape Pod Personnel Capacity is 768, including the 7 shuttles (possibly standard compliment) would mean that the upper limit of the crew would be around 800 (817 evacuation limit)

I have also included a large image of Doug Drexler’s

Master systems display of the U.S.S. Defiant and was seen in Star Trek Enterprise episode “In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II“. I think that this depicts the Constitution Class being even larger than my rescale of 1311’5 ft

Click on image to see the full images

This is a 8 page PDF file showing some additional information

Some details

Star Trek Constitution Reimagined Part 3

Star Trek Constitution Rebuild Part 3

I have at last finished the design, but it took me some time to return to it, over the last week I refined and reworked the design added features I like and giving some thought how the ship would be arranged internally.

The overall design is bigger then the original series version to fit my idea of its internal layout too.

Constitution Class
Length: 1311’5 Feet
Width: 577’5 Feet
Height: 319’11 Feet
23 Decks.
Crew Complement 430.
7 Class F Shuttlecraft
Escape Pods 192
164 Primary Hull 4 persons per pod = 656 Crew
28 Secondary Hull 4 persons per pod = 128 Crew
Total Escape Pod Personnel Capacity = 768



Star Trek: Renders

Well now I have been busy, rendering yes and some more Star Trek using some background art by Ali Ries,  GrahamTG and dadrian to bring some energy into them, normally I don’t do action type renders but here for the first time with Phasers firing all or Klingon torpedoes evading,, 99% in Lightwave and a tiny tweaking in Photoshop..

I am going back to doing my own reimagined constitution class this week and I am going if time permits some other designs from the federation moving on to Klingons for the first time since I worked on the bridge or corridors a few years ago.

That should get star trek out of my system for a while, so I have decided to attempt the Battlestar Galactica with my approach to its detailing and arrangement.

Mixed in with some of my own designs.. stay tuned for the WIPs (Work in Progress)

I think that all for now,, … … yes that it..

Oh wait There is a possibility that 3DGladiators will be making a return.

My Re-imagined USS Enterprise Part 3

Minor Update.

Enterprise Remaster 07

I worked out the windows and the fantail below the Shuttle bay.

The shuttle area could be a little longer than it is in the original show
as I have it here, I still thinking on it.

My Re-imagined USS Enterprise Part 2

My Re-imagined USS Enterprise 2

I have not posted in a while, But I have not been idle. I’ve been working on my version of the USS Enterprise over the last week, working out the deck layout as best I can, using the blueprints by Charles Casimiro again as a guide.

But the problem is that the windows don´t really line up with the proposed decks as far as I can see, (if the Enterprise is 947 ft long, and I think I mentioned somewhere, I like the Enterprise to be 23 deck as mentioned in the
“Making of Star Trek” by Stephen E Whitfield.

A book I would love to still have, but I remember that description and it has stayed with me since the 1980s when I first got my hands on a copy 11 deck in the primary hull and 16 decks in the engineering hull and I remember vaguely trying to work that out back then, with no success.

OK now I have a new way to work on this and still that does not work again the model was never meant to be looked at this, this closely

The Pylon Neck is the problem too, it’s so tall for a normal deck height to be used in all levels so the easiest way forward is to suggest that some decks are taller than others.

Enterprise Remaster 05

Enterprise Remaster 06

This is my solution.

The levels in the Engineering hull, some are taller, the average is around 8ft tall and working up. the areas in the pylon neck where they connect to the Primary Hull and the secondary hull look to be the best place to make the deck taller.

The top of the pylon would house the latching mechanism for the saucer and the neck, and that worked for me,  But I wondered about the lower section of the Pylon and did not think the same thing is needed there?. so after some thought I considered this could be a place to send the Turbo Elevators for storage / repair.

That works for me too.

Then there was the Engineering section….. I always thought this should be very tall areas with lots of machinery, beyond what could be shown in the 1960s show and there budget.

Oh I forgot , I did increase the scale of the model from 947 ft too my preferred scale of 1080 ft…. and I think it works better and give some more room to play with.

My Re-imagined USS Enterprise Part 1

My Re-imagined USS Enterprise

I am not a fan of the new Enterprise design seen in the new film franchise called by some the JJprise and others just say fugly, other people do like it and that´s cool,. But I started to wonder how I would build it if I had a chance to make/design

As a fan of the original design, I would try to stay within that look as much as possible, and keep to Roddenberry, Jefferies, Justman and all the original creators of this show intact.

Apart from the new Enterprise design I dislike the direction the Abrams has taken Star Trek, it appeared more Star Wars and I am saying nothing new there as it been said before by other fans of the TOS -TNG era Star Trek.

The casting I have to say was very good apart from Simon Pegg as Mr Scott, that came across only as comic relief, as much as I admire Simon Pegg in other films he is just not Scotty, but I could get over that


2009 Enterprise by Tobias Richter

but the new Enterprise just a clash of a design idea in my eye, the primary Hull is the only area I like. I hate the secondary hull and I deplore the warp engine designs.

The one above was made by Tobias Richter & is a fan design. Tobias is a modeller and artist, I have long admired.

But for me the design is not that interesting, I think the warp engine are too close to each other.

Even I think this design lack the elegance of the original, I have seen other fan designs that look far better than what has been used.

Madkoifish CONNIE

Reimagined CONNIE designed by Madkoifish

Like this one by Madkoifish which is available in Lightwave and a few other formats on Foundation3d, only thing missing from it for me is windows around the saucer edge. but I think this one is a far better design for the Enterprise which is a nice blend of the Original Constitution Class Enterprise and its Refit seen in the Movies since the late 1970s.

So I have worked on my redesign for the Enterprise and at the moment I am working out deck layout and what I would like to see but closer to the TOS design than the Refit.

Primary Hull

Bridge – Captain Lounge and Cabin – Crew Lounge

This is my idea so far, I wanted to have a cross between the TOS and TMP.

I have also changed the scale of the Enterprise from 947 ft to 1060 ft which I think works better for the design. To have the Elevator within the Bridge shell (so not to have the bridge rotated 36º to the left) on the TOS design the Ship would have to be scaled up to almost the twice the size and I was not willing to do that.

So I have arranged it to be like this, (this could be a temp layout)

Also I have in the top view port the Captains Cabin in the teardrop shape, I think it was arranged like that in “The Cage” for Captain Pike.

I have also giving windows there going back to the Tall Sail Ships of the 1700 and 1800


Lady Washington used as the Enterprise in Star Trek Generations

There is something about these ships that just inspire (all I ask is a tall ship)


I must down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,
And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.

I must down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.

I must down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.

By John Masefield (1878-1967).
(English Poet Laureate, 1930-1967.)

This is something I always thought the Captain should have in Star Trek but never seen until TNG in Picard’s ready room.

And below that on deck 5 is the crew lounge as originally inspired by Star Trek TMP designer Andrew Probert


Andrew Probert

I always like this idea, so I am going in that direction.

For me most of the remaining porthole are for crew assembly areas, off duty areas like this lounge or for just watching the stars passing while on downtime.


William Shatner always brought a sense of wonder to his performance of Kirk and I think Chris Pine has taken the part and made it his own which is a good thing.

I will finish this by saying Star Trek (for me) should be a TV show and not a film franchise only, while they have more money for it. This I think limits the storytelling and tend only to have story aimed at action (I like action too) but that never been the main component of a good Star Trek story. some of their best episodes a Phaser is not fired or a punch throw, and is not really keeping with Roddenberry´s vision for the show.

The new Trek is not my Trek