Man from Atlantis “The Cetacean” P2

The Cetacean

I am not in the mood to model today so I thought a render test using a underwater scene file by “dmind” to see how it looks when wet, I am looking forward to the addition of lights and portholes to add some life into the image, the drowning character at the side of the sub stands at a virtual 6ft tall to help me ascertain scale, and I think I am right using the reference image I have, there is a hatch on the sail (not seen on these images) that I am using, I might refine the scale later on.



Man from Atlantis “The Cetacean” P1

“The Cetacean”

Submarine called the Cetacean, seen in the old TV series Man from Atlantis, starring Patrick Duffy before he went to Dallas in the 1980s, its also the first design I have worked on in a while, I started thinking about redoing this design a few days ago remembering the one I lost the other one in a HD crash.

cetaceanCetacean 1

This is the scale I arrived at, using my 6ft blue character stand in.. 🙂