Star Trek: New Enterprise Tutorial “Covers”

I have updated the Enterprise Tutorial and fixed all I could find to fix and I even created some new covers.
I received a lot of help and support from a number of people who I have listed below.

 Dan Baran aka Fretslayer:
Who would proofread and spot any errors
For being there

 Alain Rivard aka Al3d
Who help with modelling information and
Who help with the design and Layout
of the new Covers.

My Wife
Who hardly saw me and while I was developing this.

As the Tutorial is now condensed into 10 chapters
I created 10 new images for them, using Alain work as a reference.
So any screw up’s are mine alone.


Special thanks to Al3d aka Alain Rivard who created this sample cover to give me a direction.

This is Al3d original cover art.

You will hopefully see this with the Refit Enterprise Tutorial sometime in the future.