Star Trek: Galileo 05 Reimagined P2

Some more images of my Star Trek shuttle design.. it’s an old model, but holds up well.
I think, would it make it into the star trek hall of fame? , probably not, But I had a lot
fun working on it.

An excellent rendering by Arcass aka Rob Caswell on
(his gallery)
where you will find some more stunning art by this man he has a wide
interest not only for Star trek art.

Rendering by Arcass

Star Trek: Galileo 05 Reimagined P1

Galileo 05 Reimagined P1

This is another one of my designs, a star-fleet shuttle that was inspired to travel along with Madkoifish’s Re-Imagined Enterprise a few years ago, also seen here

Madkoifish CONNIE
Reimagined CONNIE designed by Madkoifish

Its not a perfect match but it was a fun build..

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