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Battlestar Galactica´s Landing Bay

Battlestar Galactica

At last a new post, this time Battlestar Galactica related again. this model goes back to a fan film that never saw the light of day, sadly. Long before I got into CGI modelling with Lightwave I use to have a go at working out how something works, there was always a problem working out the scale of the Galactica and there are just as many conflicting sources.

landing bay
Landing bay credit Peter Westberg

It was around 10 years ago when I started to wonder and give thought about how the internal arrangement of a Battlestar Landing bay would look and joining Colonial Fleets forum, I had the opportunity to exchange ideas with many fine people and artists there, who have in their time wandered about the very same thing, I found there some great AutoCad drawing by a fellow colonial fleet member known as Westy aka Peter Westburg who is no longer active on the forum (sadly) and he had created the outline of the Galactica landing bay you see above, So using my rudimentary computer skills I started to work out a possible internal layout.

Once I got into CGI, things changed and I had a change of building a model or making the attempt.

hanger bay 1
Looking down the length of the landing bay runway.

This was my first attempt at building a real detailed model, though I was hampered at the time by my than PC which was so under powered to go into more detail as I wanted to was not possible at all, all the detail is modelled from the ceiling to the floor below. the scale is not quite right but it worked well enough.

hanger bay 2
Some creative licence here as I have added a control room

Just another angle, I had a lot of help and advice  about how this area would look.

landingdeck 1
The bay is populated here with waiting Vipers, LandRAM and a landing Shuttle, note these are not to scale as these images pre-date the scale work I did for the Galactica

Yes the Vipers are suspended without landing gear created for it at the time so I had a go at building

I did build landing gear sometime later.
landingdeck 2
Looking forward to the landing bays large midsection airlocks to a bay just as long.

It’s all a matter of scale, and how big is the original Battlestar Galactica

There are a few ideas on it. But I am in favour for 6080 + long or 1 nautical mile as mentioned by Glen A Larson and John Dykstra, basing the scale (if I remember correctly on the size of the windows on the shuttle craft model, its scale is set a 110 ft long.

I will be posting some work on that asap.