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I have removed a number of older images, work in progress of the USS Enterprise and such which have never had any trafic worth mentioning, along with my shift away from Star Trek and other franchies like Blakes’7 which was … Continue reading

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Two subjects in one morning, what a day, if your old enough some might remember the Atari game Asteroids, while I was rendering another image with this background by Graham Gazzard aka GrahamTG (you can find his art on Deviantart). … Continue reading

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Concept Design: Jules Verne’s Nautilus 8

Nautilus Version 2 Completed This is my latest post with this model in WIP or Work in Progress stage and the UV map is done to my satisfaction. “UV mapping is the 3D modeling process of making a 2D image representation of … Continue reading

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Concept Design: Jules Verne’s Nautilus 7

Concept Design: Jules Verne’s Nautilus At last I have completed the texturing of the Nautilus and its UV-mapped too, while I am still in the process of understanding it I am happy with the result

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Concept Design: Ranger Part 1

Concept Design: Ranger Part 1 Part One This is the Pathfinder and it has been built for a project I was working on with Dan Baran or Fretslayer who sadly passed away some time ago so this project is for … Continue reading

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Mobilis in mobili Part 8

The Nautilus Amazing I forgot to post my completed model of the Nautilus here (minus textures). I hope you like the result. Inspired by Jules Verne and the vision of Harper Goff The Nautilus.

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