Man from Atlantis “The Cetacean” P5 and Base

“Finished Cetacean”

I hope you like the result for this old design and mostly forgotten TV series.. moving on to do some Space-ships for a while. I had a few suggestion s for the render, and the main suggestion was to add some bubbles! so here is the same image a little darker and has bubbles.

render10 copy


render18render20render22Cetacean Plan 1

Man from Atlantis “The Cetacean” P2

The Cetacean

I am not in the mood to model today so I thought a render test using a underwater scene file by “dmind” to see how it looks when wet, I am looking forward to the addition of lights and portholes to add some life into the image, the drowning character at the side of the sub stands at a virtual 6ft tall to help me ascertain scale, and I think I am right using the reference image I have, there is a hatch on the sail (not seen on these images) that I am using, I might refine the scale later on.