Lightwave models for Sale


This is where I will be posting designs in build in Lightwave3d that I will be selling as tools for CGI Lightwave artists too use in images or animations, mainly they can be used in any project, even commercial, profit making endeavours, in art or other media projects,

Expect those few exceptions where a copyright is held by another person. *
(such as Robert McCall design posted below cannot be used in commercial efforts, only fan art is permissible).

Nautilus Version II ©

Lightwave3d built version 9.6 and is UV-mapped Designed by Gerard Duffy aka gmd3d.
This design is based on the Nautilus in Jules Verne’s 20,000 leagues under the Sea’s, or my interpretation of it.

Nautilus store
Nautilus design 2 completed

Link to model below
Nautilus Version II

3D-Printing this model is expressly forbidden.

McCall Class Explorer ©
Created in Lightwave3d 9.6 and UV-mapped,
Credit to Gerard Duffy aka gmd3d

Inspired by the artwork of Robert McCall,

20 units only to be sold with the kind permission of Catherine McCall, once the 20 are sold that it, it will be removed from the site, (19 remaining)
Note: This model cannot be use for profit-making, fan art only, it is based on the work of Robert McCall and therefore under his copyright, its at your own risk should you do so.
I have been given permission as noted above to sell in a this limited way for which I am very grateful.

sagan 4

Robert McCall Class

Link to Model below

 More Coming Soon