Enterprise build by Alain Lafortune

USS  Enterprise Lightwave Tutorial

Today I learned another modeller has found my USS  Enterprise Lightwave3d Tutorial useful thanks for sharing Alain Lafortune that the experience was easy.

Really made my day today.

Link to the Tutorial

The Fabled The Black Hole Video

Excellent animation that catches the sprite of the scene where both space craft meet each other at the edge of “The Black Hole” it’s also great to see both my model the USS Palomino and Sean Kennedy’s USS Cygnus featured in another fan’s creative homage to a classic film, for all the original films faults, it remains a beautify filmed work and the Cygnus surely is the highlight of the film

Source of the Video


I made the video around 2011. I added the title cards and original John Barry score the I the day. I’ve had trouble with codecs and uploading it.

The video is the opening space shots of Walt Disney’s the black Hole redone by me in CG.

I give special thanks to Sean Kennedy and Gerard Duffy. Great models thanks for making them available.

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Enterprise by L Cress

I received a great message earlier

L Cress shared an image of his Enterprise based on my Enterprise tutorial and its great to see someone using the tutorial
and having a good experience and excellent results

L Cress Enterprise
L Cress Enterprise

I felt I had to share and I hope he will send more our way soon.

Thanks L Cress 🙂

Link to the second edit tutorial

Mini Buck Rogers Thunder-fighter made from Popsicle sticks.

I was very much surprised to find someone building a model of the Buck Rogers Starfighter,Out of all things! “Popsicle sticks”, and wow they look cool. the reason I am posting is because he based some of his work on my CGI model renders. (OK I know its Thunder fighter in the heading, but I think that name does not fit the design, the term was coined by the model-makers from Universal Hartland as mentioned by Kenneth A. Larson) so who am I too argue.




I am grateful for his mention of me and my work in his post, which is gratifying for a number of reasons. You can find his this and other models created from wood and Popsicle ‘ s (I am still astounded by it) on this website.


ulimann644s USS Lexington

Recently Ulrich Kuehn aka ulimann644 has completed his own version of the Constitution class starship using my “tutorial”, Which I am delighted and it looks great for a first build, he also made it is own with a name change USS-LEXINGTON-NCC-1709, ulimann644 has also kindly released his model/mesh, if you use Lightwave, I recommend you have a look and please comment, comments are the fuel for the Artist.

Found on deviantart.com
Link below

Great work



Evil Genius Enterprise Build

A friend of mine who has recently moved from TrueSpace to Lightwave is tackling the Enterprise and using my tutorial, he goes by the name of Evil Genius 180 or EG180 this is Chris Martin and he has built the USS Enterprise many time’s over the years in his prime 3d modelling program called TrueSpace.

You can follow EG180 build on his Blog he also posts on 3dgladiators and 3dscifi if you want to check them out, one of the points of interest in EG180s build is the upper area of the Primary hull.

Here is some interesting image´s by Chris Martin

Casimiro Build
Original Build

I’m not happy with the upper saucer curve in my Casimiro – built saucer section.
I frequently watch TOS episodes before bed to wind down and this doesn’t look like
what’s on-screen.
(Chris Martin)

Updated Build

The transition from the curve to the smooth surface is much less severe.
So, I needed to fix that.
(Chris Martin)

This does look a lot smoother and less severe!

EG180 aka Chris Martin´s altered primary hull, which is set to the scale I give in the tutorial 1756×424, The spline drawing is correctly positioned so that it will line up with your blueprints.

I will be altering my model in the near future to reflect this update.

Thanks Chris.

I may have said in the tutorial a few times,  Your never really finished a model
This is so true, you can always find a reason to go back and rework something

Of-course in the film or TV world of modelling you don´t have this opportunity,
you need to get it right first time, this is only in the world of the 3D hobbyist
where you can rework at leisure.

(Gerard Duffy)