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Top 10 Robot Designs

Top 10 Robot Designs

Top 10 Robot Designs

In this section of my top 10 robot designs is based on robots “that look like robots”, not having human characterising robots or droids like Commander Data from Star Trek TNG or The Terminator,  The Gun-slinger in Westworld or Roy Batty from Blade Runner.


1st. V.I.N.CENT

The Black Hole (1979)

1 Vincent Vital Information Necessary CENTralisedV.I.N.CENT. standing for Vital Information Necessary CENTralized.

This is the robot I would like with me, it hovers/flies, can talk, sometimes talk back at you, and is armed for defence of his crew. He appears in the Walt Disney film The Black Hole and is a film I do like to watch whenever I can for all its faults. I think VINCENT is more useful than most other robots, such as R2D2 and C3PO etc, as you need both to do the work and communication so for this reason Vincent is 1st in my list.

2. R2D2

Star Wars (1977)

2 R2D2 R2D2

A R2 series Astromech droid also know as Artoo Detoo, a tough, loyal, useful and resilient little droid, first seen in the epic science fiction hit Star Wars A New Hope in 1977 a firm favourite for fans the world over since, R2D2 did not make my first place due to its lack of vocal skills, difficulty to traverse over many terrains to get around and for this reason is 2nd place in my list

3rd. C3PO

Star Wars (1977)

3 C3POC-3PO,

Or See-Threepio is a humanoid protocol droid, is fluent in over six million forms of communication or so C3PO keeps telling everyone at any opportunity, He can be a bloody nuisance at the best of times none the less is loyal to his crew and comes through in the end of what ever danger they meet, he is normally need to help interpreting the beeps and squawks and other sounds from his counterpart R2D2 and is 3rd in my list

4th. Robbie the Robot

Forbidden Planet (1956)

4 Robbie The RobotRobbie the Robot.

The first real robot to catch the imagination of film goer’s since the robot “Maria” in Metropolis, 1927, Robby is programmed to obey Isaac Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics and is incredibly strong and useful with the ability to produce alcoholic beverages if needed and he appearing in MGM’s Forbidden Planet a film that has become an Icon since. Its impact would seem to have lessened since Star Wars where as the Forbidden Planet has a clear influence on Gene Roddenberry’s original Star Trek TV series I think, and so Robbie is 4th in my list.

5th. Robot B-9

Lost in Space (1965)

5 B9Robot B-9.

Robot B-9 or Class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot is in many ways the next in line since Robby the Robot in design approach, normally only called “Robot” in the TV series Lost in Space, usually caught up in the schemes of Dr Smith and befriending the youthful Will Robinson, catch phrase “Danger, “Will Robinson! Danger!” and is 5th on my list

6th. Twiki

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979)

6 TwikiTwiki

A small robot or “Ambuquad” that serves the inhabitants of Earth’s Inner Cities, such as New Chicago programmed by computer councils and other mechanical devises, much of the time Twiki carries around Dr. Theopolis or “Theo” who once acted as part of the Inner Computer Council that governs Earth, this is changed when Theo offers support for Buck when his is tried for treason against Earth in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 6th in my list

7th. Wall E

Wall-E (2008)

7  Wall E
Wall-E is a film that surprised me, no real dialogue in the film for the most part and only communicating with body language and musical score to create the feeling for the character, Wall-E and his kind are designed to clean up the waste on Earth while humans ponder around space waiting for the clean up to complete.

A film with a great message for us all I think and so it is 7th in my list.

8th. Huey,  Dewey,  Louie

Silent Running (1972)

8 Huey (Drone 2) and Dewey (Drone 1) Louie (Drone 3)Huey (Drone 2) Dewey (Drone 1) and Louie (Drone 3) are general service drones in Douglas Trumbull’s environmentally minded film Silent Running, recognised by their colour saying nothing but doing everything, sounds very drone like to me and is 8th in my list

9th. Gort

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1952)

9 GortGort silent protector of Klaatu’s in the film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” original and not the remake. The 1951 famous quote is of course “Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!”, also the film had some influence on Star Trek just as  Forbidden Planet had and so Gort is 9th in my list

10th Bubo

Clash of the Titans (1981)

10 bubo
Bubo was forged by the god Hephaestus and sent by the god Athena to aid the human Perseus in his quest to save the princess Andromeda in the original 1981 Clash of the Titans film, he also reappears in the remake which I have not seen, In the original film Bubo helps Perseus to overcome many enemies, fun character and is 10th in my list

Did these robots make your list?