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Lensman: Secret of The Lens featuring the ultra cool ship “Britannia”

Lensmen: The Brittania

The Britannia

This is the first model I ever built-in Lightwave in 2006

The Britannia is from the animated Anime film “Lensman: Secret of The LensDirected by Yoshiaki Kawajiri released in Japanese in 1984 and later released in English in 1990 -1, (why the delay ? ) but I loved it when I saw it first and unlike me when it comes to most adaptations I like the film version of the ship more than the ones described in the books by E.E.Doc Smith of the same title which was cigar-shaped. The ships in the novels, are for me are visually uninspiring and therefore ultimately forgettable, at least from my point of view, I have seen one great model made in CGI based on the book’s description, but I must confess did nothing for me as an overall design.

I like this sleeker design more than what was described in the books

The Britannia forward ventral

008 BrittaniaThis was my only attempt with this design, looking back over it, it holds up well enough but could do with more work and better textures, a failing of mine when modelling.

These 3 graphic images came from Roger Sorenson to whom I am very grateful.