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My first completed fan film project to reach a screen, Star Trek Animated

Starship Farragut-The Animated Episodes. ( Youtube videos)

Starship Farragut

The Animated Episode


“Power Source”

Based on Star Trek the animated show from the 1970’s by Filmation with Lou Scheimer and Norm Prescott, Gene Roddenberry brought Star Trek back to our TV screens with many of the original cast doing the voices of the characters we enjoyed so much.

NEO f/x under the direction of Michael Struck and Kail Tescar, and had other real talent taking part, most of this I was not aware of, as my participation was very small where I helped to create the visual effect at the end, I would liked to have done more, I could not continue at the time with this project as I was in the process of moving but it was fun to take part .

You can hear the voice talents of the live action actors in the Starship Farragut fan films, but this time they are joined by some well-known Star Trek personalities.

Farragut Films / Starship Farragut Team

John Broughton
Holly Bednar
Paul R. Sieber
Mark Hildebrand
Amy McDonough
Bob McDonough
Tonya Broughton

Guest Stars

Tim Russ
Chris Doohan
Chase Masterson
Jason LeBlanc
Lou Scheimer
Vic Mignogna

NEO f/x Production Team

Michael Struck
Kail Tescar
Ralph M. Miller
Ken Thomson Jr
Guy Davis
Charles Barnard


Jack Treviño
Thomas J. Scott

Additional Crew

Tim Bailey
3D Artist

Gerard Duffy
3D Artist

Curt Danhauser
Artwork Contribution

Scott Kellogg

Thomas Phong

Leonardo Sedevcic

Dr. Richard Suzuki
Creative Consultant – The Needs of the Many

Ritchie Hoffman
Comm Voice

Andrew Schreck
Additional Voice Direction / Recording

Michael Day
Web Master

Jeffrey McGlinn
Original Template Designer

Ulisses Galazzo
Portuguese Subtitle Translation

Douglas Sanchez
Spanish Subtitle Translation

Sven Becker
German Subtitle Translation

For those that have not seen this it can been seen on YouTube in 4 parts.


Act One

Act Two

Act Three

Act Four


Cast and Crew

It’s a lot fun to see something you work on reach the screen and admire the work others put into these projects and you can see this episode and another one called, The Needs of the Many.