Ralph McQuarrie´s Star War Millennium Falcon Concept design Update

Millennium Falcon Concept

Had minor PC trouble the a few days ago and my modelling time was greatly reduce, and I had to restart this model from scratch.

I have used his other early falcon images to help me add features to this design, the most notable is the rear landing gear

I have scale this access corridor from the main hull to the cockpit to around 8 & half feet tall. so Chewbacca, should have some head room.

Here is a 6ft crewman in the image to help with the scale.

I think this is working a little better now.

Ralph McQuarrie´s Star War Millennium Falcon Concept design

Ralph McQuarrie Star War Millennium Falcon

Apart from building Ralph McQuarrie Galactica concept design I also having a go at building the Falcon.

Ralph McQuarrie Falcon

Ralph McQuarrie Falcon

Based on this image.

No Copyright infringement is intended by displaying Ralph McQuarrie work here or any copyright material owned by Lucas Film.

This is for me a celebration of Mr McQuarrie´s work and contribution and vision for Star Wars.

This is close to the design we all love, but I do have a few problems with it, the cockpit area,,,, I think its to small and how do they access it, I looked at other images Mr McQuarrie created for George Lucas and Star Wars and found a few possible solutions.

RMQ Falcon 001

  This is my progress so far with the falcon, you can see I have added a narrow octagon shape going from the cockpit to the main hull.

This I built in a few hours and I have scaled it to around 112 ft long or 34 + meters, I sourced that information from starwars.wikia.com if you like to check it any other data about the ship`or riddles as one fan called it years ago.

Not sure how far I will go or how long this will take with my other projects queuing up demanding to be done.

The thing I like about this design is that its not going to be too heavy detail wise, or for 3d modellers it will be low poly and that means faster renders or animations.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Study Model

Millennium Falcon Study Model

The Millennium Falcon the ship of riddles as its called by some people, is clearly the most iconic ship in the Star Wars universe, loved by all and like the USS Enterprise from Star Trek a star in its own right, designed by Ralph McQuarrie, based on a hamburger with a pickle on its side (or so its said) and the mind of George Lucas  a few years ago I wanted to have a go and building it, this is in the not finished category or WIP section (work in progress).


I never finished it because I was moving from Ireland to Spain, it is one design I would like to return too someday.

This is as far as I got in the build, it’s a detail model and the thing about heavy detailed models is they take time to render and is heavy on PC resources i.e. RAM, so it could take time to render in an image or worse an animation. a lot of my model time is taken up with how to cut corners to reduce the all important polygon count.



Created by joshua maruska


Ralph McQuarrie Falcon

Going back to the original artist concept Image, apart from a few changes I would like to have a go at designing his original concept design