Star Trek Bussard Test 2

Warp Bussard Test 2

A little more done, I want to isolate the Bussard’s so I now have them in their own layer, some programs like Lightwave use layers so you can exercise more control over render times which for images hardly matter, but if you’re animating its handy to be able to hide / remove if that part of the model is not needed etc.. say a hangar bay or rooms behind windows, whatever..

As this is the first time I have really tried this I think that the method is worth the time..


Star Trek Bussard Test 1

Constitution Warp Bussard Test

Only using the surface setting I have had this result, I am quite pleased with it and I think it works, I be experimenting more over the next few days, special thanks to Chris Martin aka Evil Genius 180 for your help.

Star Trek: Mix of Starships

A Mix of Starships

A number of renders featuring the USS ENTERPRISE, USS ENDEAVOUR, USS MERRIMAC, USS HORNET and the USS YORKTOWN, based on some favoured lists from The Making of Star Trek by Stephen E. Whitfield (Poe) suggestions by Bob Justman and D.C. Fontana.

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USS ENTERPRISE NCC – 1701 Version 2. p6

First of its kind

The U.S.S. CONSTITUTION and the name that the class is forever known by and one of her sisters becomes the most famous in the Federation and Starfleet history and that is the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.

One of the issue some of us have with the system of numbers is they are very random and some going lower as with the U.S.S. EAGLE  NCC- 956 ?

but more on this little problem later as my time is short today. so here is a number of renders of the first and one that never returns. NCC – 1700

 I made some other changes in my Fan list and number by dropping USS Defiant from 1764 back down to 1714 and the commissioned ships number 13 and 16 are empty not having any other reference’s at hand, but could be USS Tashik-Sotra. I think this is a suggestion by Matt Jefferies as a Vulcan named ship before using the Intrepid.

-Others for consideration-
Lafayette NCC-1866
Tashik-Sotra NCC-1865
Bonhomme Richard NCC-1712
El Dorado NCC-1722
Hornet NCC-1714
Krieger NCC-1728
Merrimac NCC-1715
Monitor NCC-1713
Saratoga NCC 1724
Tori NCC-1725
Wasp NCC-1721
Columbia NCC-1707
Ajax NCC 1071
Challenger NCC-1729
Venture NCC-1730

Or other suggestions ?

USS ENTERPRISE NCC – 1701 Version 2. p5

Little more done on the model as time allows, windows and other details

USS ENTERPRISE NCC – 1701 Version 2. p4

Adding the hull trim and refining other details, I think I will be rebuilding this again in the future, at least once the Smithsonian has completed it’s restoration, I also want to add the Hangar bay, something I never got around to when I built this in 2011.

USS ENTERPRISE NCC – 1701 Version 2. p3

My latest Lightwave3d model of the USS ENTERPRISE continues


USS ENTERPRISE NCC – 1701 Version 2. p2

Building this without following a set of blueprints exactly is very difficult, so I am not 100% happy with the hangar bay area.. but we move on.

USS ENTERPRISE NCC – 1701 Version 2. p1


Version 2

It has been a long time and a welcome return to Star Trek in it 50th year and I could not let this go without building my favourite design again.. has it been 4 years since I finished my first Enterprise build.. this is my all new Enterprise renamed Endeavour in future posts to save confusion, mainly my own confusion.

No tutorial for this, been there and still I don’t have a tee shirt.

USS Enterprise Lightwave 3d Tutorial: Second Edit / Printable Copies

USS Enterprise NCC-1701
Lightwave 3D Tutorial 

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This is my first tutorial using Newtek´s award winning 3D modelling program called Lightwave and I have chosen the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, for my first tutorial design subject, I selected the famous USS Enterprise seen in the classic TV series Star Trek created and developed by Gene Roddenberry in 1964 with Desilu Productions studios and reached it audience in 1966 after its first pilot was considered too cerebral by NBC.

USS Enterprise 006

The Enterprise was designed by Walter “Matt” Jefferies, and has gone on to become a hugely popular design, for over 40 years it has inspired generations of dreamers and designers in many fields from the plastic model hobbyist to the newer field of CGI 3D modelling.

The Enterprise is one of the most popular models to build and almost every modeller I know has built it or would like to build it, this tutorial started out as a record of how I build this model adding images of what I did as I went, so I could come back to it at any time and update my approach to building this or any model,

I also used Charles Casimiro`s excellent Enterprise blueprints for this build.
Website no longer available

The Tutorial
01 How to Build the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE Part 1
02 How to Build the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE Part 2
03 How to Build the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE Part 3
04 How to Build the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE Part 4
05 How to Build the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE Part 5
06 How to Build the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE Part 6
07 How to Build the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE Part 7
08 How to Build the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE Part 8
09 How to Build the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE Part 9
10 How to Build the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE Part 10

John A. Duffy
Dan Baran

I will also remind users that I created this tutorial in Lightwave 9.6 But should still be useful in earlier and later version of Lightwave, This tutorial only deals with the modelling aspect of the design and textures are not covered at this time.

Let me know how you get on with this Tutorial so please add a comment when you can.

Star Trek © is the copyright and trademark are held by their relevant copyright holders, No copyright infringement is intended on my part. I hold on to the copyright for my artwork, display art and tutorials, unless otherwise stated. Please do not use my artwork,images,tutorial for any commercial attempt.


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You can also find my tutorial mentioned here on creativeblog.

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

Model Specifications
Length, overall: 3.3 m (11 ft)
Diameter, Saucer: 152 cm (60 in)
Length, Engine pods: 185 cm (72.25 in)
Length, Secondary hull: 135 cm (53.5 in)
Height: 80 cm (32 in) Weight: 90 kg (200 lb)

Fictional Specifications

Length: 288 m (947 ft)
Diameter, Saucer: 127 m (417 ft)
Length, Engine pods: 153 m (504 ft)
Diameter, Engine pods: 18 m (60 ft)
Length, Secondary hull: 103 m (340 ft)
Weight, gross: 172,368,000 kg (190,000 tons)

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Star Trek: New Enterprise Tutorial “Covers”

I have updated the Enterprise Tutorial and fixed all I could find to fix and I even created some new covers.
I received a lot of help and support from a number of people who I have listed below.

 Dan Baran aka Fretslayer:
Who would proofread and spot any errors
For being there

 Alain Rivard aka Al3d
Who help with modelling information and
Who help with the design and Layout
of the new Covers.

My Wife
Who hardly saw me and while I was developing this.

As the Tutorial is now condensed into 10 chapters
I created 10 new images for them, using Alain work as a reference.
So any screw up’s are mine alone.


Special thanks to Al3d aka Alain Rivard who created this sample cover to give me a direction.

This is Al3d original cover art.

You will hopefully see this with the Refit Enterprise Tutorial sometime in the future.

U.S.S. ENTERPRISE lightwave model part 5

Wire-frames of the model.

This is something that many 3D models want to see short of having the model to look at, the wire-frames

This is my last entry for the modelling aspect of the Enterprise design. Now I have to work on some basic textures, after a year writing the tutorial and modelling this area is just a little rusty ,The finished model little textures used but enough for this time

U.S.S. ENTERPRISE lightwave model part 3

This is my completed model of the USS Enterprise, minus the textures and registry which will be done in the future

Enjoy and Happy Christmas

U.S.S. ENTERPRISE lightwave model part 2

A small update with better images or better lighting to show the model of.

I include 2 wire frames to show of the model

I have updated with one more image showing the hinge at the back of the antenna

U.S.S. ENTERPRISE lightwave model Part 1

Star Trek

U.S.S. Enterprise

The most famous space ship ever created for a film or TV series, must be the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE for Gene Roddenberry´s hugely popular Star Trek. I have always loved the design by Walter Matthew Jefferies, with the idea it is recognizable from any angle. Gene Roddenberry has been quoted as saying:

“if the audience does not believe it, they are not going to believe a multimillion dollar series investment.”

I think that was a very wise move and moved film makers away from flying saucers and rockets into the more exciting area of FTL travel using antimatter to give the craft the power to travel between the stars.


This is my model based on the blueprint by Charles Casimiro

I am building this in Lightwave tutorial, but more on that in the future.