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Designs from the English comic hero Dan Dare, from the pages of 2000AD

2000AD’s: Dan Dare P2 “Eagle Shuttle”

2000AD’s Dan Dare “Eagle Patrol”

Just to jump out of Trek for a bit.. Dan Dare Eagle on patrol,, using the fabulous Ali Ries Background art scene .. no prep just slapped it in there where the Enterprise was and a reminder of its scale.


Eagle Rapid






2000AD’s: Dan Dare P2 “Eagle Shuttle”

2000AD and Dan Dare

Got to love the old Dan Dare comic from the 1950s but I first discovered him in 2000AD comics normally associated with Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper and many more British fictional heroes. Dan Dare was first seen in the Eagle comic 1950 to 1969 before revived again in 2000AD with a harder edge and lacking some of the character that was central to the character.

Eagle comic and the Mekon, arch villain to the heroic Dan Dare

Eagle comic and the Mekon, arch villain to the heroic Dan Dare

With my interest in Star Trek waning over the last few years, Star Wars and other lesser known scifi heroes are again of interest to me.. Dan is an old favourite so I might be doing more designed in the area and start looking at some of the old designs from the comic.. not sure yet.



2000AD’s: Dan Dare P1 “Eagle Shuttle Scale”

Updated the scale of Dan Dare Shuttle design..

The Final scale is still open to revision but its works for me