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Welcome to my small corner of the web

Hello and welcome, my name is Gerard Duffy and around the web I go by the user-name of gmd3d a mix of my name and interest, not very inventive, but easy to remember. In the past I went by the user-name of Taranis on modelling and fan forums alike. but over time I grew tired of the name.

Feel free to look around and check out the number of designs I have worked on over the years and you can find my first and only tutorial of how to build the USS Enterprise from Star Trek The Original Series 1966-69 in Lightwave3d by Newtek it’s a tutorial aimed for beginners, check under Lightwave Tutorial in the menu above, its is downloadable in PDF format and is free, the blog features a mixed bag of designs and interests,

I am also adding a subscribed members section for a yearly fee giving members access to many of the designs I have worked on over the years. you can navigate to the designs via the Categories on the right side of your screen.

I have made some very good friends over the years through forums, listed below, its a sad to see that over the last few years that many of these forums have closed, with those closers (due in part to Facebook and other social media sites) most of my models went with them, never to be seen again.

Foundation3d, I have been a member since 2007

A very nice forum with a mix of programs in use

My CGI program of choice as mentioned above is Lightwave3D by Newtek, which is an excellent 3D modelling and rendering program and I’ve used it since 2006, Lightwave3d was first seen used very effectively in Babylon 5 (1994) where the producers took a bold step with this new CGI visual effect approach and has since went on to make a name for itself in the entertainment industry, going from strength to strength and has featured in other franchise like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, James Bond, Spider-Man, Stargate, Firefly and many more besides, there are too many to name here, while people do complain about the over use of CGI in film, and for good cause I think, its not the tools, its the use and over use.

I have always been a science fiction/fantasy fan, from as far back as I can remember, I mainly enjoy Science fiction for its ability to shows us possible futures where humanity has grown up and explores not only the universe we live in but also humanity as a whole, with a little action thrown in for good measure, for me that’s best kind of science fiction.

The original Star Trek series (1960s) fulfilled that very well showing us a possible and a very positive future for humanity in general where we reached a kind of maturity that we surly need.

I also enjoy the original Battlestar Galactica (1970s), & original Star Wars (1970s) the latter shows and films are more far forgettable for me sad to say, long on awesome VFX but short on story and character development, I really think films now are more forgettable after the first viewings once you get past the visuals, I am also big fan of the early Science-Fiction films from the 1950’s and on into the 1980’s and perhaps 1990’s.

Best Gerard Duffy

Legal Disclaimer
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“no infringement is intended”

I hold the copyright for my design work in progress artwork, art and tutorials

Please do not use my artwork, images, tutorial for any commercial attempt without first contacting me

I am always happy to see comments or suggestions
on any of the artwork or designs.

Blog name change

Hello friends

In preparation for new and exciting projects for 2015, I can really spin it. can’t I. I have changed the name of the blog and the name I have designed under for some years, Taranis is no more,, now I will be using my own initials GMD and 3D, hence GMD3D.

Fun yes. good.

I have many plans for the new year and some old ground revised in the updated Lightwave Tutorial and a new tutorial based on the request I have had for some time.

but I will keep that under my hat, I hope that there will be more comments and suggestions on the blog from viewers over any of the subjects I have posted in the past and in the near future.

Regard and happy Christmas if you celebrate, and for those who don’t happy new year on the horizon all the best,

Gerard M. Duffy aka GMD3D and not Taranis   🙂

new address is

What could this mean

This is a hint of what I am working on now, can you guess,, keep it clean 🙂

test 1yes it was the Enterprise, as if you did not guess.

Long time between posts

“Greeting all who visit this blog,,

Its been a long time between posts or projects to share. the reason is I have recently finished going through the process of buying a house and moving in and working in the areas of making it a home, what fun it has been.

I don’t have my pc up and running yet, hell I don’t even have a desk yet, ahh what fun,, but I am looking to invest the latest Lightwave package as I am still using Lightwave9.6, time to update I think. 🙂

I am looking forward to getting back into some new Lightwave designs and to finally complete the Nautilus UV texturing, ahh will I even remember how..

Its a pleasure to see so many hits to the Blog 110,253 hits since I started, I would like to think that some of this is people returning and enjoying what I have made or shared on the Blog..

We are also coming to the end of the year and soon we be welcoming 2015,, what will it bring, well a new tutorial I hope and a updated Enterprise tutorial which will see some UV-texturing covered this time.

Belated Thanksgiving greeting to friends in the USA and I have to finish with acknowledgement to the passing of Glen A. Larson the creator of some of my favourite series.


To name a few

Alias Smith and Jones:
Ben Murphy,
Pete Duel
Roger Davis

Desi Arnaz Jr.,
Chuck Wagner
Heather McNair

Battlestar Galactica:
Richard Hatch
Dirk Benedict
Lorne Greene
Herbert Jefferson Jr.
Laurette Spang
Terry Carter
John Colicos
Maren Jensen
Noah Hathaway
Anne Lockhart
Sarah Rush
George Murdock

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century:
Gil Gerard,
Erin Gray
Felix Silla
Pamela Hensley
 Tim O’Connor

Knight Rider:
David Hasselhoff,
Edward Mulhare
Richard Basehart

Magnum, P.I.:
Tom Selleck,
John Hillerman
Roger E. Mosley

Simon MacCorkindale,
Melody Anderson
Reni Santoni

Quincy, M.E.
Jack Klugman,
John S. Ragin
Robert Ito

The Fall Guy:
Lee Majors
Heather Thomas
Douglas Barr
Markie Post

The Six Million Dollar Man
Lee Majors
Richard Anderson
Martin E. Brooks

The Original Battlestar Galactica models

The Original Battlestar Galactica models
Facebook Group

There is as the news would have it, A new Battlestar Galactica Film is in the works, this time it has gone back to its roots and to Mr Glen Larson who owns the Film rights, at this time there is a major support to use the original studio model “now privately owned” and the owner is willing to allow the studios to use these great original models that have been lovingly restored.

To meet this aim the owner and supporters of the original series have created a Facebook page, where even the original model makers drop by to share rarely seen pictures and some new ones also are in the offering, if you have a Facebook account, drop by and have a look.

The more likes the pages gets the greater the chances that this aim will become a reality, as much as I enjoy CGI, I would still like to see these old models make a return to the Big screen!


By Dale Long
This is about the original filming miniatures used in the 78 series, and letting Universal Studios, and Glen Larson Production that the owner of most of the models is willing to let his models be used in the new movie production. Joining this page increases the headcount, and would get the attention of those that make the choice of what is
used in the production. In order to gain their attention we need numbers.
Bottom line I think with 20,000 or more members here we can get someone to turn their head, and will also tell them serious fans are still around to support the movie.

Loss of an Artist Fretslayer

 RIP Dan Baran

14 July 2013
Dan Baran

Dan Baran

14 July 2013

A short time ago we lost a fellow artist, 1 part musician and 1 part CGI Artist…. he went around the web by the user name Fretslayer and is equally known by many as Dan Baran….more than that, he was a good friend, although we never meet face to face we did talk almost everyday, we would create ideas and talk about life the universe and everything in it. Dan was a mere 44 years old, a pulmonary embolism claimed him.

His influence is seen here on my Blog, his hand was in many of the designs I have worked on over the last 5 year and more, silently encouraging, proofreading, from the Klingon Sets and the Romulan Sets.. where all Dan inspiration for projects that will never now be realized, my heart is not in it to continue.

Why am I writing it here and other places, perhaps I feel he is remembered for his contribution to art not only as an Artist but as someone who helped many people, willingly and with only good intentions, since I first got to know him in 2006 he attitude was always to share ideas and more importantly time with good graces.

Without his help my work in many modelling areas would never finished, this goes for my USS Enterprise Lightwave3d tutorial and for a year and more he helped, suggested, encouraged me to continue on, when at a time my father had passed on and the tutorial lay 90% unfinished he helped by just been there to push on with it.

Goodbye my friend.

USS Enterprise Tutorial featured in 3Dworldmag in Lightwave3d

USS Enterprise Lightwave3d Tutorial
featured on

Well this is a pleasant surprise, the other day I was contacted by the editor of the prestigious 3Dworldmag asked me if I would mind sharing the Enterprise tutorial on their website. Needless to say I am more than delighted that they would ask even ask me.


You can see the post by clicking the link below


I am, I have to say again, delighted to have my Enterprise tutorial featured on such a professional magazine.

Gerard M. Duffy