3dgladiators is back

Yes 3dgladiators is back and is relaunching for new voyages, that right for those who remember this old cgi modeling forum is now back up, I was again in touch after a long time with Darrell, after a rough year has is now able to focus on the forum..

On site he writes:
“After a disastrous last year plus, 3DG is back! It’s under a slightly different domain now (.net instead of .com), so update links/bookmarks!

The .com domain was lost due to being unable to renew it at the time. But that’s just as well… We’re more of a network anyways!”

Hope to see some old faces return, Blogs are all well and good but its lacks the community feel.


Blog Update and Members Section


Blog Update Plus

If any who regularly view this Blog may have noticed a change, not a major change in look nor content (or lack thereof), but I have been very busy but not exactly with the results I was hoping.

First for viewers to the blog you will have seen or I hope  “No Ads”, yeah. I am sprang for a (com) in this case https://gmd3ddesigns.com/  I needed more space and in the future more again.

So regarding a Members Section, this is for those who may also be Lightwave modellers or artist, I cannot see this been of any use to anyone else as all the art I produce I share here freely and with luck enjoyed or appreciated by you.

The Members Section is an area where I hope to fund this blog to gain more hosting space, but for an automated members I need to upgrade to the Business Plan to be able to use the necessary widget/plug-in.
So how do / can I do it, and would there be an interest in supporting the blog / me in this endeavour, and what can I offer in response, the only thing I can, the models, my meshes I have built over the years and continue to work on and in prove though minus in most cases Textures.

So without a clearway to arrange a member subscription (yearly) I will have to do it manually.

So essentially I am looking for Patrons. I am also looking at Patreon as a possibility, But I hesitate as I have another project where such as Patreon will be of better use so I have created a poll and making easy with a yes – no – maybe.

But please also comment, ask questions or make suggestions, but to answer one possible question: What models/Meshes?  Answer All of them including the royalty free models I have on Gumroad..

Perhaps taking on commissions is also an option worthy of consideration, I have done one or two request in the past but for one reason or another I had no time.

gmd3d designs


Welcome to my small corner of the web

Hello and welcome, my name is Gerard Duffy and around the web I go by the user-name of gmd3d a mix of my name and interest, not very inventive, but easy to remember. In the past I went by the user-name of Taranis on modelling and fan forums alike. but over time I grew tired of the name.

Feel free to look around and check out the number of designs I have worked on over the years and you can find my first and only tutorial of how to build the USS Enterprise from Star Trek The Original Series 1966-69 in Lightwave3d by Newtek it’s a tutorial aimed for beginners, check under Lightwave Tutorial in the menu above, its is downloadable in PDF format and is free, the blog features a mixed bag of designs and interests,

I am also adding a subscribed members section for a yearly fee giving members access to many of the designs I have worked on over the years. you can navigate to the designs via the Categories on the right side of your screen.

I have made some very good friends over the years through forums, listed below, its a sad to see that over the last few years that many of these forums have closed, with those closers (due in part to Facebook and other social media sites) most of my models went with them, never to be seen again.

Foundation3d, I have been a member since 2007

A very nice forum with a mix of programs in use

My CGI program of choice as mentioned above is Lightwave3D by Newtek, which is an excellent 3D modelling and rendering program and I’ve used it since 2006, Lightwave3d was first seen used very effectively in Babylon 5 (1994) where the producers took a bold step with this new CGI visual effect approach and has since went on to make a name for itself in the entertainment industry, going from strength to strength and has featured in other franchise like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, James Bond, Spider-Man, Stargate, Firefly and many more besides, there are too many to name here, while people do complain about the over use of CGI in film, and for good cause I think, its not the tools, its the use and over use.

I have always been a science fiction/fantasy fan, from as far back as I can remember, I mainly enjoy Science fiction for its ability to shows us possible futures where humanity has grown up and explores not only the universe we live in but also humanity as a whole, with a little action thrown in for good measure, for me that’s best kind of science fiction.

The original Star Trek series (1960s) fulfilled that very well showing us a possible and a very positive future for humanity in general where we reached a kind of maturity that we surly need.

I also enjoy the original Battlestar Galactica (1970s), & original Star Wars (1970s) the latter shows and films are more far forgettable for me sad to say, long on awesome VFX but short on story and character development, I really think films now are more forgettable after the first viewings once you get past the visuals, I am also big fan of the early Science-Fiction films from the 1950’s and on into the 1980’s and perhaps 1990’s.

Best Gerard Duffy

Legal Disclaimer
© Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and other trademarks are held by their relevant copyright holders.
“no infringement is intended”

I hold the copyright for my design work in progress artwork, art and tutorials

Please do not use my artwork, images, tutorial for any commercial attempt without first contacting me

I am always happy to see comments or suggestions
on any of the artwork or designs.

Members Section


Members Section

I am currently looking at a new section, a  members section or a premier section, I am looking at ways to generate some income from the blog and invest in it moving from the free option (current) to something with more tools and space for images and videos.

A yearly subscription perhaps?

What will subscribers/members get out of it, well after some thought and careful consideration, many of my older models for a start some have been reworked and improved on, also many of my newer Lightwave models, that I have never shared before, except those designs like the Halcyon or the Nautilus etc, those are for sale and royalty-free hosted on Gumroad, check them out.

Regarding credits, I do want credits for my models on images and animations, this is a reason I no longer host my models on forums or other file sharing sites. Some people just cannot seem to give credit, hosting my models here will allow me more control over my design work, and people who don’t play according to the simple requirement of added credits are removed from the membership list.

The added benefit is that many times I go back and improve on models, people who have been very helpful finding errors that creep into each model have let me know, so I as time allows fix them.

With the loss of so many other forums and file sharing sites like 3d Gladiators I have lost some of my own work and as I worked on so many, I forgotten what they are! shock horror, this is true.

I have yet to workout all the details with the hows, but the subscription will be paid via PayPal,
I have never counted my designs/models, some are still in WIP status and will be finished, for example designs for the film projects I was working on, they will either be for Gumroad or the Members here, once they are my design they can be used for artwork that can be sold for profit.

The models will be mostly Lightwave, but some will be in OBJ format and even MAX converted by others.

You will see the Blog change over the next few days while I am working on settings, if you have suggestions comment here and I will see if I can apply them.

I am also thinking of taking on commission work, spaceship and the like, contact me via Private Message on my Facebook page.

Blog Changes


I find I am going to run out of hosting space for images if I keep rendering and uploading large images, its not bad yet but its getting there, so I am thinking of removing some of the WIP  (work in progress) images that are repeated many times, ie the classic Enterprise and there is a lot of them.

I also am adding a members section and considering a few way to generate funds to take the blog to the next step “Premium” beyond the free version. Perhaps a patron funded and offering such patron’s access to models / meshes I no longer share publicly (except for those designs I am selling with Gumroad).

Also I am thinking of taking on commissions, this is something I have been asked a number of times, but my model work is constrained by time and skill to solid mesh work, spaceships or submarines like the Nautilus or the Enterprise for example. cost and time and visa versa is the question. But I will know by looking at a design if its in my skill level. Organic are out, never got to grips with that side of cgi.

I am currently looking into these as a possibility.

The other reason of hosting my own model is that many sites have been lost to time, ScifiMeshes is a shell of its former self, 3DGladiators is no more and will not return any-time soon, my models that I had hosted there are like all the others gone!, there is only 2 sites where these models are still hosted, Colonial Fleets and Foundation3d, Colonial Fleets is specific to Battlestar Galactica and I have no plans on doing any meshes for that universe any-time soon.

I enjoy working on my own concept designs and have a number of new designs in mind, its keeping the focus on those plans is the trick, Star Trek keeps calling me back, TOS that is, I can give the other series a miss easy enough as much as I enjoyed them they don’t resonate with me as much as the original characters.

I digress, so again this blog with be in something of a flux in look and layout while I try to find the best solution for presenting new designs (concept art and perhaps some more scale model research for the original Enterprise, NCC-1701..

We will see..

Gerard Duffy.

A Short Video


This is a short video of some of my renders and models I’ve done, the earliest in 2008 to the most recent, not in any order either, I also added some music by a friend (Laura who game me permission to use them, they were for another project) to jazz it up a little, I plan on doing it again with some new images/renders in a few weeks, minus text on the images.

My last post for a while, vacation time, but I will be checking in as time allows..

I will be working on these far better with new renders text free in following videos
Credits: Model and Renders by me Gerard Duffy (gmd3d)

Music by Laura with permission

Starfield Stock 2 by dadrian in one render with the USS Enterprise

Blog Changes (Temp post)


Again I have made changes to the blog, its very annoying how the images are NOT displaying as I expected them, not opening from Thumbnail view to full view, so again I am going in to setting and making changes. sorry if your getting this old posts that I am forced to adapt and change..

I have a new section below the banner, Scale Work this is to organise the models like the Battlestar Galactica and Blake’s 7 Liberator etc into handy reference. the name may change in the future.



Extent of human radio broadcasts


Extent of human radio broadcasts

Humans have been broadcasting radio waves into deep space for about a hundred years now, since the days of Marconi. That, of course, means there is an ever-expanding bubble announcing Humanity’s presence to anyone listening in the Milky Way. This bubble is astronomically large (literally), and currently spans approximately 200 light years. But how big is this, really, compared to the size of the Galaxy in which we live (which is, itself, just one of countless billions of galaxies in the observable universe)? To answer that question, Adam Grossman put together this diagram. It’s not the black square; it’s the little blue dot at the center of that zoomed-in square.

Adam Grossman / Nick Risinger

Thoughts for the day.