Blake’s 7 and PC ISSUES

Blake’s 7 and PC ISSUES

It has been a frustrating week or so with my computer throwing a fit, I was in the middle of finished 2 projects when disaster struck, result I was forced to reinstall windows and all my programs, Lightwave3D etc  what a drag, it really interferes with my creative vibe.

It was fortunate I have a backup drive that saved my most recent work and it took only a few hours to rework what I was doing, my present project list is to finish the Civil Administration ship London from Blake’s 7 and the Liberator DSV.

I have also just finished a reworking of the Nautilus internal plan I created some time ago, franking I was burnt-out working on that design I had to just leave it and work on something else, anything else, hence the Blake’s 7 models.

Civil Administration ship London
Liberator WIP

Both designs are on the back burner for now


London Continued III

Getting closer to completing this design and for me! in record time a few weeks, and some of this was taken up with working out the internal layout of the design.. I am happy with the results so far.

London DSV 001 London DSV 002 London DSV 003 London DSV 004 Untitled 1 copy Untitled 1

UPDATES 15/06/15

London DSV 005 London DSV 006 London DSV 007 London DSV 008

Blakes 7 London

Its only a model

continued II

I have being working a little more on the London’s internal layout, and for the most part I think I have it more or less worked out to my satisfaction, the only area that I cannot match up to the screen shots is the Airlock, it look like this section is placed on the wrong side of the London, where the London Airlock is on the Port-side


Commander Leylan enters the Airlock section, I am assuming he is entering from the forward section which places the hatch on the Starboard side of the ship, where as the model has it placed on the Port-side aft.. so I am using creative licence and making this change.

None the less for viewers who have never seen Blake’s 7 this means absolutely nothing 🙂 perhaps its over thinking on my half but given that Star Trek and other shows get a lot of attention, this is refreshing and open area to explore. Its not a big deal, viewers back in the day did not look this closely at TV shows, its a more recent interest I think sparked of by Star Trek technical manuals and the desire to know how things work.  but only my opinion

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