Original Pathfinder Spaceship

Pathfinder Spaceship 2045

First design I done in a while, an early Pathfinder design or perhaps the original  (going back to my other design now called the ranger and posted a while ago,  This does not have artificial gravity but in this it has the power to keep a consent thrust at 1-G. Fusion rocket perhaps for long-term acceleration in space.. can land on Earth type gravity wells but no much more, inter-system design, not interstellar, I am playing with some ideas of my own, inspired by the recent discoveries over the last few years, I like to try my had at a story and this design could be featured.. perhaps I am being overly optimistic having this design launch in 2045 AD .. but there is hope that we (humanity) will do these things in the future.

The ship is quite tall and multi levelled,, but a small crew,, perhaps 12 or 20 crew personal, but I am given that some thoughts as the design develops


I updated the engines

The main engines are outboard and they have landing struts connect there, clearing the lower section to (maybe has smaller lander pads but also a large hatch and cargo area, landing craft to explore beyond the LZ and to build long term habitats etc ..


changed the engine struts

Ranger Deep Space Vessel

Ranger DSV

Lightwave3d Model

I have released this model for sale in Lightwave3d only (in time I will convert to OBJ) before going on vacation and never had the chance to post here, this is my design,  The purchaser may use this Lightwave3d model for profitable gain through Artwork, Animation, 2DPrints,  3D-Printing this model is expressly forbidden.

The model is not textured, I am also working on other designs in this universe that is currently called Pathfinders. this is a mid size design.

Link to Model


1367’0 length

477’11 wide

445’11 tall

387 Crew

Designer credits to Gerard Duffy

Love to see how it is used in image or animation,so if please let me know here or on my Facebook page


Gerard Duffy

Ranger – Deep Space Vessel 2

Last post for a time, its the summer and its too good to be in doors looking at pixels and polygons, time to spend time in under the sun and go for some long walks.

Enjoy your summer and I hope its healthy and safe for you, but here is my parting images of the design, no textures and as simple as rendering it in its place

Ranger – Deep Space Vessel

More work done with the Ranger, DSV. Patrol ship

I am still working out some aspect of the design and some future designs to add to the fleet, larger Capital ships and support scouts and landing craft..

Pathfinder Now Ranger

I have been working and reworking this design, the Pathfinder, but I have changed it name to Ranger, here are a few details regarding scale..

1367’0 length

477’11 wide

445’11 tall


Pathfinder / Light-speed Project rises again

Pathfinder / Light-speed Project rises again

I am continuing to work on the Pathfinder design and with the recent fall out over Star Trek Fan-films and restrictions I am taking a long hiatus from Star Trek Universe, not as some fans seem to decry a boycott of CBS / Paramount.. ridiculous response, its fair to say that the new guild-lines for Star Trek fan-films are draconian in many ways.

The fault lies solely at the Axanar production lead, no one else has so blatantly broken the bounds of Fan film making.. making money from someone else Intellectual Property and copy right, having paid himself (by his own admission) $38.000 dollars (look it up its easy to find) and I read his girlfriend also was paid.

Anyway I have grown tired of all the BS and am looking for a break from all Star Trek groups and returning to my own designs and perhaps some TOS Battlestar Galactica… this is a personal favourite second to Star Trek. I loved its scope and like all modern ideas finds at its core older stories or a mix of them from history.

Here is my latest WIP for the Pathfinder design,, am hoping to do a lot more with this in the months ahead..

Also I have decided to close my Facebook page (not the personal one) as it was to focused on likes and dislikes and demographics that I could careless about..

Thanks for viewing