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Here is another Nebula scene has been brought to you by the creative art of Casperium aka Ali Ries and mucked about a little by me for the final effect. I must thank Ali for allowing me to play in this neck of the universe.

Star Trek “Its a Klingon D7”

Star Trek “Its a Klingon D7”

USS Enterprise by Me, Klingon D7 by Prologic9 and the Background by GrahamTG . it’s a fun break from modelling to just render of a few images.. not in my comfort zone, really stretching now.. but thanks to the other artist for providing these resources

Enterprise NCC -1701 Touch up

I took to making a few small changes to the surface of the Enterprise model, nothing major but a little bit more colour.. in something of a creative neutral zone so I am going back to fiddle around with old models/meshes and see if I can improve on them or refine the scale, I am looking at the Buck Rogers Starfighters next and I might do some more modelling there.. but well see


USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Montage


Othros 003
The original image is too large for WordPress so its also hosted on link below.