About gmd3d

Welcome, my name is Gerard Duffy My CGI program of choice is Lightwave3D by Newtek, I’ve used it since 2006.

Constitution Rebuild Continued


Its has been a few weeks since my last post, I was on my holidays, arrived back a few days ago, and as it takes me a few days to even return to 3D and remembering my plans for this design to find to my mild annoyance that I was not paying as much attention to the results as I should have, so I had to go in and clean up parts of the model, esp around the hangar bay.

I have placed all the windows and are arranged as I like them the most and I think retains a lot of the original look..


Halcyon Space Craft


Some Halcyon Space Craft renders I created but neglected to post, background art by Ali Ries aka Casperium and GrahamTG, who kindly allowed me to work with their art, really setting a dramatic feel. some are repeated trying different approaches.

I hope you like them, I will look to another original design I think for the next model, stretch myself creatively, but who is to say I cannot do two designs 🙂

Each ship is available for purchase Royalty free
Use in your own art.



New Project Poll

I am thinking while working on my latest and last Trek design for a time, the next project and seen via a poll if there is a direction worth going. Star Trek looks to be cooling of a little, perhaps over done here and around. I am torn between something along the lines of BSG (TOS or Ralph McQuarrie) or Star Wars (Ralph McQuarrie) or something Original..