Rendezvous with Rama

RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA is a science fiction novel by British writer Arthur C. Clarke first published in 1973.

My favourite Sci-Fi book, I have long wanted to try and create this and here at the end of 2020, awful year.
Solar Survey Vessel
Clarke Class
S.S.V. Endeavour
Displacement: 5000+ Tons
Length 559’8.1224″
Height 112’3.269″
Width 245’5.0142″

This is my last model and renders for 2020 and my last model build, this is based on the Endeavour from Rendezvous with Rama a science fiction novel by British writer Arthur C. Clarke first published in 1973. Set in the 2130s, the story involves a 50-by-20-kilometre (31 by 12 mi) cylindrical alien star ship that enters the Solar System. The story is told from the point of view of a group of human explorers who intercept the ship in an attempt to unlock its mysteries. The solar survey vessel Endeavour is sent to study Rama, as it is the only ship close enough to do so in the brief period Rama will spend in the solar system.
Endeavour manages to rendezvous with Rama one month after it first comes to Earth’s attention, when the alien ship is already inside Venus’s orbit. The crew, led by Commander Bill Norton, enters Rama through a safety system consisting of triple airlocks and explores the 16-km wide by 50-km long cylindrical world of its interior, but the nature and purpose of the star ship and its creators remain enigmatic throughout the book. Rama’s inner surfaces hold “cities” of geometric structures that resemble buildings and are separated by streets with shallow trenches. A band of water dubbed the Cylindrical Sea stretches around Rama’s central circumference. Massive spires, which are theorised as part of Rama’s propulsion system, stand at its “southern” end. They also find that Rama’s atmosphere is breathable

This is my final modelling project, I will be continuing to render art with models I have already made over the years, it enough, there are no other designs I am interested in building and effects of sitting and looking at a screen have taken toll.

So I hope 2021 with be a better year for us all. stay healthy and best of luck


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