Star Trek Space Dock 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Slowly returning to normal after the holiday break, and now after a time away from CGI getting my mind back into gear for it. so I took the reimagined Enterprise etc for another render.

I think most fan like the spacedock scene in STTMP, I know I do.


4 thoughts on “Star Trek Space Dock 2020”

  1. What’s a holiday break? 😛

    I love the images. I’ve always been a fan of the Franz Joseph Starfleet Headquarters design.

    And, yes, the Spacedock scenes in TMP are definitely fan favorites. I think they’re some of the best effects sequences in all of Star Trek.


      1. Sorry, I thought you meant a break for the Holidays (Christmas, New Year’s, etc.) Hence, my sarcasm. 😛

        I actually worked some overtime during the Holidays myself, so I bought some nice stuff on sale for myself. (I’d already taken care of Christmas gifts long before that) I’m probably going to take a holiday break (or, as we call it over here, a vacation) in the next couple months, during our slow season at work.


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