Trekking through Asteroids

Using GrahamTG Art aka Graham Gazzard, I have set my Enterprise trekking through a field of Asteroids, after 3 weeks away on holidays its always a while before I can jump back into modeling.

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Author: gmd3d

My name is Gerard Duffy aka gmd3d I like to create CGI models & some original designs in Lightwave3d most are based on Film & TV shows. Check out each of the designs in the CATEGORIES selection below this profile. I no longer participate in Fan film efforts, thanks for visiting.

4 thoughts on “Trekking through Asteroids”

  1. Hello Gerard,

    Not sure if you’ve ever seen my work, (your name seems familiar but I couldn’t find any old emails) but my name is Mark Wilson and I’ve published a number of 2D blueprint sets over the years under the name Federation Frontiers, contributed some designs to the Jackill’s books, and have worked with some of the guys who created the Federation Reference Series/Mastercom materials.

    Anyway, I recently came across your Constitution Class re-scaling project on Facebook, and was very impressed with the results. I’ve always been a little hesitant in regards to resizing the ship as I admire the existing continuity, but like you there are several inconsistencies with interior images that have bothered me in recent years. I’ve seen some other artists venture in this direction, but I think your project has taken the most logical and thorough approach that I’ve seen to date. I think you’ve struck a nice balance between changing a few things without going crazy.

    I like what you’ve done visually in your work as well. You’ve added a number of new things, but the way you’ve handled them is so subtle that without looking closely you’d almost think it was the regular Enterprise. At first, the only thing that jumped out at me was the addition of that “sponson-like” feature below the warp nacelle. It wasn’t until I zoomed in that I started noticing everything else. A friend of mine has talked in the past about imagining in his mind that the original Enterprise 11-Footer might have had little details like hatches, airlocks and so forth, that were just too faint to be seen onscreen. The way you handled these features and others…including the deflector grid lines…is pretty much exactly as I imagined they might look if you could get closer to the “real” ship.

    Oh, and being a 2D guy, I really appreciated that the traditional fore/aft views and so forth are shown orthographically rather than in perspective. And being a detail person who enjoys reading the story behind the design, I’m glad you’ve documented this project so well.

    I did have a question. You mentioned that going past the 1,311.5 foot length you chose began to create problems of their own. Could you please elaborate a little as to what those problems were?

    Hope to talk some more maybe, but I just wanted to share my thoughts and impressions on this.

    Mark Wilson

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    1. Thank you Mark..

      I don’t know you by name but I do know your work. 🙂

      I wondered about the “real ship” in the past and like you thought that the features of the design would appear as we got closer.

      The larger I made the Enterprise during the trial and error phase before settling in on the 1311.5 ft or 399.7+ meters, was I was gaining more decks then I wanted, I wished to keep in the 23 deck count, having made my decks 10ft (studio size) at the start. I ended up with 25 decks but I was able to tweak back to 23 decks..
      That is the main reason, 1311.5ft is the rescale I was happiest.. under did not work esp with the hangar bay area. over up to 1500ft felt wrong more than looked wrong.. I could have tweaked it more but ran out of energy for the project..

      thanks again for the responce


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