Star Trek Art and Asteroids

This cover art has always inspired me.

The Art of Star Trek

It was a collaborative effort; Production Illustrator Jim Martin designed the art, executing it in a series of progressive pencil sketches. The art was subsequently turned over to freelancer Mikido Uesugi and John Knoll.

Here is my version again using GrahamTG space art and Asteroids..

“Click on image to see full size”



2 thoughts on “Star Trek Art and Asteroids”

  1. One of my favorite books. I have a (not so) gently used copy that I’ve had for 20 years or so. It’s actually in decent shape, aside from some corner wear and the plastic covering on the front is “wrinkled,” for some reason. It’s like the plastic partly separated along the way. shrugs

    LOVE the image, bro. You’ve been doing some awesome images with your Enterprise, and this is no exception.


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