Buck Rogers Starfighters

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Running out of steam with Star Trek designs and art so I have gone back to a design I made in 2008 just over 10 years ago, Buck Rogers Starfighter.. Gil Gerard’s series which I still enjoy watching from time to time.
Its fun working with these again. but looking at them there are areas I would do differently and a lot of areas which I would called unfinished now.
Shock surprise, no, not really but I have cleaned it up and might do some more.


Author: gmd3d

My name is Gerard Duffy aka gmd3d I like to create CGI models & some original designs in Lightwave3d most are based on Film & TV shows. Check out each of the designs in the CATEGORIES selection below this profile. I no longer participate in Fan film efforts, thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on “Buck Rogers Starfighters”

  1. I know what you mean about losing steam. It can be a pill. I’ve always liked your fighter, it’s good that you’re going to do some more work on it. Are you going to add some dirt to the textures?

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    1. oh you know me.. the only textures is the Earth Defence Directorate crest at the sides and the rainbow colours near the end of the side engines.. when I first made it in 2008 I gave it way to many surfaces. so now I am tweaking that and also remodelling the lower aft landing wings/skids.. see if I can improve on it.. 🙂


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