Buck Rogers Starfighters

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Running out of steam with Star Trek designs and art so I have gone back to a design I made in 2008 just over 10 years ago, Buck Rogers Starfighter.. Gil Gerard’s series which I still enjoy watching from time to time.
Its fun working with these again. but looking at them there are areas I would do differently and a lot of areas which I would called unfinished now.
Shock surprise, no, not really but I have cleaned it up and might do some more.



2 thoughts on “Buck Rogers Starfighters

    1. gmd3d Post author

      oh you know me.. the only textures is the Earth Defence Directorate crest at the sides and the rainbow colours near the end of the side engines.. when I first made it in 2008 I gave it way to many surfaces. so now I am tweaking that and also remodelling the lower aft landing wings/skids.. see if I can improve on it.. 🙂



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