Happy Holidays and New Year 2018

While I am taking a break from the Nautilus submarine design I made a short video showing my favourite top 20 star trek designs, I have used images / screen-caps from films and episodes found on line save one image of the Daedalus class as its never had any screen time (to my knowledge) but found a great rendering of a Daedalus class by the Dean of Trek Doug Drexler and I included Ilia theme by Jerry Goldsmith to set the tone.
In every Star Trek group, the question arises what are your favourite Star Trek designs so I have as mentioned above selected 20 designs I like, number one placement goes from the original Enterprise and moves on from there, there are a number of reasons for my selection which I will not go into in so many words.

Mostly the designs I like the most are those that follow the Gene Roddenberry Starship design rules .

The List in order

01 Constitution-class

02 Constitution-class Refit
03 Galaxy-class
04 Excelsior-class
05 Miranda-class
06 Sovereign-class
07 Ambassador-class
08 Constellation-class
09 Intrepid-class
10 NX-class
11 Oberth-class
12 Akira-class
13 Nova-class
14 Nebula-class
15 Defiant-class
16 Monarch-class freighter
(Merchantmen Star Trek 3 The Search for Spock)
17 Antares-type
18 Daedalus-class
19 Danube-class
20 Class J starship
These different classes are explained on Memory Alpha
Link to Vimeo Video below


Comments are very welcome, thanks for viewing and I hope to see you return

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