USS Enterpise Reboot

Its been a while since my last post with the rebooted Enterprise but also my PC had another fit and I was compelled to reinstall Windows, by slow steps I have reinstalled Lightwave at the last and finished the few details I had to work out on the rebooted constitution class.

I had to adjust the hangar deck height. it was too low for the deck plan I was using, I also worked out the gallery observation area and its corridor to the control booth though I did not build the corridor itself..

I never found credit to the shuttle model builder, no readme was included in the file.

The shuttle model builder is Aggi from Foundation3d


2 thoughts on “USS Enterpise Reboot

  1. gmd3d September 14, 2017 / 4:06 pm

    Thanks Chris,, I am happy with the build and got it out of my system.. lol

    I doubt I will change now..

    I have a new design in the works .. I am parting ways with Trek for a spell 🙂


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