Members Section

Members Section

I am currently looking at a new section, a  members section or a premier section, I am looking at ways to generate some income from the blog and invest in it moving from the free option (current) to something with more tools and space for images and videos.

A yearly subscription perhaps?

What will subscribers/members get out of it, well after some thought and careful consideration, many of my older models for a start some have been reworked and improved on, also many of my newer Lightwave models, that I have never shared before, except those designs like the Halcyon or the Nautilus etc, those are for sale and royalty-free hosted on Gumroad, check them out.

Regarding credits, I do want credits for my models on images and animations, this is a reason I no longer host my models on forums or other file sharing sites. Some people just cannot seem to give credit, hosting my models here will allow me more control over my design work, and people who don’t play according to the simple requirement of added credits are removed from the membership list.

The added benefit is that many times I go back and improve on models, people who have been very helpful finding errors that creep into each model have let me know, so I as time allows fix them.

With the loss of so many other forums and file sharing sites like 3d Gladiators I have lost some of my own work and as I worked on so many, I forgotten what they are! shock horror, this is true.

I have yet to workout all the details with the hows, but the subscription will be paid via PayPal,
I have never counted my designs/models, some are still in WIP status and will be finished, for example designs for the film projects I was working on, they will either be for Gumroad or the Members here, once they are my design they can be used for artwork that can be sold for profit.

The models will be mostly Lightwave, but some will be in OBJ format and even MAX converted by others.

You will see the Blog change over the next few days while I am working on settings, if you have suggestions comment here and I will see if I can apply them.

I am also thinking of taking on commission work, spaceship and the like, contact me via Private Message on my Facebook page.

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