Blog Changes

I find I am going to run out of hosting space for images if I keep rendering and uploading large images, its not bad yet but its getting there, so I am thinking of removing some of the WIP  (work in progress) images that are repeated many times, ie the classic Enterprise and there is a lot of them.

I also am adding a members section and considering a few way to generate funds to take the blog to the next step “Premium” beyond the free version. Perhaps a patron funded and offering such patron’s access to models / meshes I no longer share publicly (except for those designs I am selling with Gumroad).

Also I am thinking of taking on commissions, this is something I have been asked a number of times, but my model work is constrained by time and skill to solid mesh work, spaceships or submarines like the Nautilus or the Enterprise for example. cost and time and visa versa is the question. But I will know by looking at a design if its in my skill level. Organic are out, never got to grips with that side of cgi.

I am currently looking into these as a possibility.

The other reason of hosting my own model is that many sites have been lost to time, ScifiMeshes is a shell of its former self, 3DGladiators is no more and will not return any-time soon, my models that I had hosted there are like all the others gone!, there is only 2 sites where these models are still hosted, Colonial Fleets and Foundation3d, Colonial Fleets is specific to Battlestar Galactica and I have no plans on doing any meshes for that universe any-time soon.

I enjoy working on my own concept designs and have a number of new designs in mind, its keeping the focus on those plans is the trick, Star Trek keeps calling me back, TOS that is, I can give the other series a miss easy enough as much as I enjoyed them they don’t resonate with me as much as the original characters.

I digress, so again this blog with be in something of a flux in look and layout while I try to find the best solution for presenting new designs (concept art and perhaps some more scale model research for the original Enterprise, NCC-1701..

We will see..

Gerard Duffy.

Comments are very welcome, thanks for viewing and I hope to see you return

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