Halcyon MK1 and MK2

Both Halcyon MK1 and MK2 are available to buy,

They are not textured and only available in Lightwave3d for now, if I texture them would equal more time, greater the cost.

Of course there is also the early version of the Ranger that I may rework the engines, or maybe I won’t and Kilkenny Interplanetary ship and the McCall design but limited amount per engagement with McCall’s Daughter.. once they are gone that’s it.. and of course my Nautilus..

All “but the McCall design” are Royalty Free to use in art or animation etc..

Follow the Link

Other parts of the model will be released over time, the previously mentioned Cockpit, hangar bay, Corridors whatever less but at a lesser cost, time and money.

Comments are very welcome, thanks for viewing and I hope to see you return

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