Pathfinder / Light-speed Project rises again

Pathfinder / Light-speed Project rises again

I am continuing to work on the Pathfinder design and with the recent fall out over Star Trek Fan-films and restrictions I am taking a long hiatus from Star Trek Universe, not as some fans seem to decry a boycott of CBS / Paramount.. ridiculous response, its fair to say that the new guild-lines for Star Trek fan-films are draconian in many ways.

The fault lies solely at the Axanar production lead, no one else has so blatantly broken the bounds of Fan film making.. making money from someone else Intellectual Property and copy right, having paid himself (by his own admission) $38.000 dollars (look it up its easy to find) and I read his girlfriend also was paid.

Anyway I have grown tired of all the BS and am looking for a break from all Star Trek groups and returning to my own designs and perhaps some TOS Battlestar Galactica… this is a personal favourite second to Star Trek. I loved its scope and like all modern ideas finds at its core older stories or a mix of them from history.

Here is my latest WIP for the Pathfinder design,, am hoping to do a lot more with this in the months ahead..

Also I have decided to close my Facebook page (not the personal one) as it was to focused on likes and dislikes and demographics that I could careless about..

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2 thoughts on “Pathfinder / Light-speed Project rises again

  1. It’s looking great so far, Ger. 🙂

    I’ve decided to stop doing Trek as well. Though, my decision is no boycott and it’s not because I disagree with what CBS did. If anything, I support them for establishing rules to protect their IP. All the new rules did for me was put into perspective why I shouldn’t keep using someone else’s IP and that I should just start doing my own thing. So, that’s what I’m gonna do. It’s good to see you’re going that route as well.

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