Star Trek: Federation Space-Dock P4

Star Ships

Docking & Powering Down

I have wondered from time to time how I would liked to have seen the USS Enterprise or any Star Trek ship from The Original Series era, entering a space dock, in this case one inspired by Franz Joseph early designs, entering one of the 5 bays (Orbs) and then the 5 Inner docks (Connective Tube), which is how I have defined the inner sections of the facility, I do some plans sometime later.  but the outer dome area is the Bay (which there are 6 and can hold up to 3 Constitution Class ship, and in my view of Star Trek is the largest man-made vessel, no Dreadnoughts) and the inner is the Dock (6), I will have to add some kind of Dock like mechanisms.

The bussard’s, I imagine power down in set stages as the docking ship enters the inner docking area.. the colourful lights powering down first then the outer orange layer power down before it all goes to a darker shade, then nothing a silver transparency.

1. USS Enterprise approaches the Starbase
2. The USS Enterprise hands over control to dock control and under remote control.
3.  Kirk orders the Warp engines to Power Down
4. Commander Scott deactivates the Bussards and  Warp Engines
5. The reaction within the Bussards start to cool
6. Within moments the cooling has taken effect and the engines themselves are cold
7. The USS Enterprise now with Warp Power deactivated and crew can disembark,
8. It will take 30 minutes to power up to return to space and roam free.



4 thoughts on “Star Trek: Federation Space-Dock P4”

  1. It looks great, Ger. Seeing how it all goes down is definitely neat. According to the series bible, the Enterprise was supposed to represent the largest and most modern type of ship Starfleet has. So, dreadnoughts didn’t exist in classic Trek, at least not TOS.

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  2. Exactly my thinking Chris.. in fact the nearest thing I consider to be a Dreadnought type is the Excelsior Class, never been a fan of the 1 or 3 warp nacelle configurations.


    1. Well, even the Excelsior wasn’t a dreadnought, it was simply the next generation of heavy cruiser. It was designed to replace the Constitution class, that’s why Scotty didn’t like it. We saw them widely used for exploration and other missions in the 24th century.

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      1. Yes this is true, in fact I dislike terms like Dreadnought,, Heavy Cruiser sounds much better to my thinking..

        Federation – Heavy Cruiser
        Klingon – Battle Cruiser

        fitting into the mindset of each..


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