Star Trek: USS Enterprise & Work-bee

USS Enterprise & Work-bee

Here is a few renders with the Enterprise and Hutzel Work-bee/Space-tug (space-tug does not sound as interesting as work-bee) scaled to their fictional scales, when I built the Enterprise I used its real measurements as much as I could,, there is some area of doubt in the height but the length and width are spot on.

I just started a space station, Franz Joseph inspired but with alterations of my own, more on that in the future..

2 thoughts on “Star Trek: USS Enterprise & Work-bee

    • My plan is to work out what scale would work (fictional scale that is) for things to work on the Enterprise as I imagine it based on “The Making of Star Trek” Steven E. Whitfield. I have seen many fantastic blueprints but here and there I would do it differently, also I hate the 36° of set bridge.

      So I want to address these things to suit myself, if anyone else likes them great, if not great.. 🙂 I am doing it anyway..

      basically I want to create my own Starship techmanual, with the space tug and space station also going to feature..


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