USS ENTERPRISE NCC – 1701 Version 2. p7

At last I have finished the building phase of the Constitution Class here named the USS ENTERPRISE. time for a short break before starting the Hangar bay and Shuttle craft Galileo.


4 thoughts on “USS ENTERPRISE NCC – 1701 Version 2. p7

  1. It looks great. Are you going to texture it and/or do anything special with the bussard collectors? If you fiddle around with the settings in Layout, you can make a pretty passable version of the classic bussards using various materials and Radiosity.

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    • I will be texturing it in a few days,, not quite sure what todo about the bussards yet.. I have to check and read up around the forums for ideas 🙂


      • If it helps, I can send you an example of how I do bussards. It requires Radiosity and, therefore, takes longer to render. Your rig should have no issues with that, though. If you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail.

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