Constitution Class Registry Updated

First of its kind

The U.S.S. CONSTITUTION and the name that the class is forever known by and one of her sisters becomes the most famous in the Federation and Starfleet history and that is the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE.

One of the issue some of us have with the system of numbers is they are very random and some going lower as with the U.S.S. EAGLE  NCC- 956 ?

but more on this little problem later as my time is short today. so here is a number of renders of the first and one that never returns. NCC – 1700

 Constitution Class Reg2016I made some other changes in my Fan list and number by dropping USS Defiant from 1764 back down to 1714 and the commissioned ships number 13 and 16 are empty not having any other reference’s at hand, but could be USS Tashik-Sotra. I think this is a suggestion by Matt Jefferies as a Vulcan named ship before using the Intrepid.

-Others for consideration-
Lafayette NCC-1866
Tashik-Sotra NCC-1865
Bonhomme Richard NCC-1712
El Dorado NCC-1722
Hornet NCC-1714
Krieger NCC-1728
Merrimac NCC-1715
Monitor NCC-1713
Saratoga NCC 1724
Tori NCC-1725
Wasp NCC-1721
Columbia NCC-1707
Ajax NCC 1071
Challenger NCC-1729
Venture NCC-1730

Or other suggestions ?

2 thoughts on “Constitution Class Registry Updated

  1. Looking fantastic, Ger. 😀

    Yeah, the numbers are interesting. Gene originally wanted them all to be NCC-17XX numbers, but doing the Constitution for The Doomsday Machine gave them their one opportunity to show another ship of the class. Since they were using the AMT model, they just rearranged the numbers, to make it NCC-1017. The Republic’s number was stated, but they never showed the ship, so it’s pure speculation that she’s a Connie. Then there was also a chart in one of the Commodore’s offices, I think Stone’s office in Court Marital, that showed repair status on several ships. No names were given, but that showed numbers. That’s been assumed to be showing other Starship class ships. So, they were matched up with Connies. And, of course, the CGI days allowed them to do ships with different numbers, first with the Defiant on Enterprise, then with that ship and others on TOS-R. So, some of the numbers are technically canon. USS Eagle, NCC-959 is stupid. If I remember correctly, that comes from the “Operation Retrieve” plans from the home video release of Star Trek VI. The poster has that name and number and the picture shows a Connie. So, that’s technically canon also.

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