Man from Atlantis “The Cetacean” P4 “Undersea Base”


How much can you say other that the title,, well its the first time I tried to create land,


About gmd3d

My name is Gerard Duffy I like to create CGI models & original designs in Lightwave3d most based on Film & TV shows check out each of the designs in CATEGORIES selection below this profile. I no longer participate in Fan film efforts
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4 Responses to Man from Atlantis “The Cetacean” P4 “Undersea Base”

  1. Not bad at all. Land is a pain to make. When you have textures applied, it will look more like what it’s supposed to be. 🙂

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  2. gregcharest says:

    Something we see every day (not so much under sea) and seems so simple for the most part, is not simple at all. So many details. That is why I really like the LW to Vue exchange. It makes things simpler. Too bad render times are through the roof.
    Liking the look of it so far.

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