Blake’s 7: London Prison Ship Part 4

London Continued IV

Getting closer to completing this design and for me! in record time a few weeks, and some of this was taken up with working out the internal layout of the design. I am happy with the results so far.

London DSV 001 London DSV 002 London DSV 003 London DSV 004 Untitled 1 copy Untitled 1

UPDATES 15/06/15

London DSV 005 London DSV 006 London DSV 007 London DSV 008

4 thoughts on “Blake’s 7: London Prison Ship Part 4”

  1. Looking awesome, Ger. This definitely has to be one of your fastest builds. 🙂

    I thought you upgraded to a newer version of Lightwave. Why are you still using 9.6? Or am I thinking of someone else?

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    1. Thanks Chris, I have upgraded to the latest version, but I have been a bit lazy with it, I have set up LW 2015 the way I am use to with additional Plugins I like using when modelling….. I don’t believe one of my favorites Vertibevel works… I have to check on that…


      1. Ah, the old “I have it, I just haven’t fully switched to it yet.” I understand. I hope your plugins work. I don’t really use any, so I don’t think upgrading will be an issue for me, if I ever have the money or am inclined to do so. 😉


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