3 comments on “Concept Design: Jules Verne’s Nautilus 9 “Availible for Sale”

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  2. Gerard, I really appreciate your meld of the Harper Goff ethic and the Verne concept. The only thing that bothers me is the location of the diving planes on the side of the sub. While simplistic in the fashion of a Victorian era submarine, they would not work as intended. They could not create a maneuvering ability that would be dynamically stable. This is why submarines have both bow and stern planes. Your design could easily be enhanced by adding bow planes slightly forward and below the salon, and adding stern planes in the same way you added the rudder, only with a notch to allow the rudder to pivot.

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    • Thanks for your comment Steve.

      Yes very true regarding the diving planes, but I wanted to keep to some key aspects of Verne description.

      But perhaps in the future I will add forward plains as a natural enhancement by Captain Nemo 🙂



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