Leonard Nimoy RIP

The sad news of Leonard Nimoy’s passing at the age of 83

What a journey we shared with the crew of the USS Enterprise since the late 1960s, I think mine began around 1975 in Ireland and I around was 5 years old. I first saw Star Trek in Black and White, then later in colour, when I first saw it in colour, I don’t know but it was a pleasant surprise.

While Captain Kirk has always been my hero of heroes in Star Trek, Mr Spock was so interesting or dare I say it “Fascinating” always fun to watch and see how he deals with his dual heritage, emotions and sense of friendship and loyalty. I think if I took anything away from Star Trek in general it are those qualities. at least I like to think so.

With Leonard Nimoy’s passing, as with the other actors we have already lost, James Doohan and DeForest Kelley and others, its like another part of my youth passed with him, a friend I never meet face to face.

A bit on the mushy side but had to say it..




So as a fan for as long as I can remember I say farewell “Leonard Nimoy” and thank you for Mr Spock and the Journey.

Rest in Peace

Comments are very welcome, thanks for viewing and I hope to see you return

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