14 comments on “Top 10 Capital Starship Designs

  1. I’m with you on the first three. 😀 I’ve never seen Blake’s 7, but the ship definitely looks cool. I’m not sure if it’s cooler than the Cygnus, but it’s cool. The others on the list that I really love are the Klingon Battlecruiser, Roger Young and the original Cylon BaseStar. (those looked stupid on the newer BSG, in my opinion) I’ve never even heard of that Odyssey ship and I tried to commit as little of the movie Event Horizon to memory as possible. (I remember Lawrence Fishburne being in it and not finishing it because I hated the story and script)

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    • Like you. Event Horizon is best left as vague as I possible can.. Yet I did like the design.. I still need to edit and add a few reasons to my list.. I did live a lot out and had to cull a lot of awesome designs out.. leaving it a 10 (plus refits or upgrades) was tough.. really 🙂


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