Concept Design: Ranger Part 3

Concept Design: Ranger Part 3

Part Three

For the first part of the film/story we wanted a design where the crew had a lot of places to go and for that we needed corridors, for this I wanted to have more than straight lines, I wanted to have a few curved corridors.
As I was not going to be going any animating as this was Dan Baran aka Fretslayer department apart from providing my PC to help render out scenes, we would spend hours on Skype chatting over the finer points and his needs to help speed up the process, there was a lot of files exchanged to see if the sets I made would hold up with his animating program.

Here is the corridor network I made, it would have been animated in smaller sections as was needed.

These images are still in a Work in Progress status until I can find an animator.

9 thoughts on “Concept Design: Ranger Part 3”

  1. I’m going to comment on all 3 parts at once because I’m lazy like that. 😉

    The designs look very good. The exterior of the ship is cool. I like the bridge too. It’s got a bit of a Trek feel to it ,but not overly so. Though, it’s kind of funny and not so nice that the ship’s XO is stuffed back in a corner. 😉 The corridors are looking nice too.

    On a final note, I’d like to say that it’s still a shame about Dan passing away at such a young age. He was a really cool guy. I think about him and the cool work he used to do from time to time.


  2. Thanks Chris.

    The XO position was an idea from Dan, while the Bridge has a Trek feel with some classic BSG thrown in. One aspect of TNG bridge is that you have both Captain and the XO seating along side each other. I have always like the single centre seat. So the XO position was a position where he was able to deal with the Tactical officers and handle other aspect of command before going to the Captain, the Captain has the Communication officer and Science/Sensor officer along with the Helm and Nav close at hand, but we where thinking of moving the XO to the 3rd sensor position moving aft.. that is where I was thinking best.


  3. Looking at all these renders again brings back a nice warm smile. Watching the ships and story develop and grow was fun. The ships current design is perfect, all original yet reminiscent of so may others with out being a straight out copy, very clever i think. 🙂

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