Long time between posts

“Greeting all who visit this blog,,

Its been a long time between posts or projects to share. the reason is I have recently finished going through the process of buying a house and moving in and working in the areas of making it a home, what fun it has been.

I don’t have my pc up and running yet, hell I don’t even have a desk yet, ahh what fun,, but I am looking to invest the latest Lightwave package as I am still using Lightwave9.6, time to update I think. 🙂

I am looking forward to getting back into some new Lightwave designs and to finally complete the Nautilus UV texturing, ahh will I even remember how..

Its a pleasure to see so many hits to the Blog 110,253 hits since I started, I would like to think that some of this is people returning and enjoying what I have made or shared on the Blog..

We are also coming to the end of the year and soon we be welcoming 2015,, what will it bring, well a new tutorial I hope and a updated Enterprise tutorial which will see some UV-texturing covered this time.

Belated Thanksgiving greeting to friends in the USA and I have to finish with acknowledgement to the passing of Glen A. Larson the creator of some of my favourite series.


To name a few

Alias Smith and Jones:
Ben Murphy,
Pete Duel
Roger Davis

Desi Arnaz Jr.,
Chuck Wagner
Heather McNair

Battlestar Galactica:
Richard Hatch
Dirk Benedict
Lorne Greene
Herbert Jefferson Jr.
Laurette Spang
Terry Carter
John Colicos
Maren Jensen
Noah Hathaway
Anne Lockhart
Sarah Rush
George Murdock

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century:
Gil Gerard,
Erin Gray
Felix Silla
Pamela Hensley
 Tim O’Connor

Knight Rider:
David Hasselhoff,
Edward Mulhare
Richard Basehart

Magnum, P.I.:
Tom Selleck,
John Hillerman
Roger E. Mosley

Simon MacCorkindale,
Melody Anderson
Reni Santoni

Quincy, M.E.
Jack Klugman,
John S. Ragin
Robert Ito

The Fall Guy:
Lee Majors
Heather Thomas
Douglas Barr
Markie Post

The Six Million Dollar Man
Lee Majors
Richard Anderson
Martin E. Brooks

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