Concept Design: Jules Verne’s Nautilus 1

Concept Design: Jules Verne’s Nautilus

Here is my new and latest design, again I am doing the Nautilus but with less attention to Harper Goff’s Disney design and giving a more basic design, It is still in WIP stage and other details need to be worked out..

Slightly longer than the 70 meters length and the 8 meters width as mentioned in the book “Jules Verne,  20000 Leagues Under the Sea”, the extra is taken up by the Spar, Rudder and side Planes, but the shell of the hull is 70 meters.

The Salon is ten meters long, six meters wide, and five meters high.



4 thoughts on “Concept Design: Jules Verne’s Nautilus 1”

  1. Looking great so far, Ger. I like how you’re ignoring what has been done before and doing your own thing. It’s been a while since I read the book, but I know the Disney version doesn’t match Verne’s description of the sub in the book. For one thing, wasn’t it shiny black in the book?

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    1. Its was, I have not decided yet how to tackle that :).

      I have kept as much as possible to the books description, I will post my idea of its internal arrangement later today


      1. Black and shiny, if I recall correctly. (I have the book and I really need to re-read it) Lots of specularity, a decent amount of glossiness for sure. That’s about the only way I know of to make black show up as anything but a dark mass. You may even want to hit it with an environment map (but not too strong) to give it some extra “oomph.”

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        1. I am currently rereading it again, I will possibly go and do my own version.. perhaps like my first Nautilus :)..


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