Not Posting much

I have not been posting anything of worth, because I have nothing of worth to show, alas, real life comments are keeping away from my hobbies, all of them.

I am working on a cgi project with my good friend Fretslayer, but that is not for sharing, at least not yet.

Some friends have ask me if I will be going to see the new Star Trek Movie, the answer to that is no. I know modern fans like the direction JJAbrams has taken Star Trek..

I don´t, its not my Star Trek, its just a new action packed thrill a minute forgettable Bastardization of what once was a thought provoking philosophical and at times action series when the story demanded it.

So No, No chance,

I disliked the first one for it weak story and bad characterizations, (not the actors fault, they for the most part where very good).

Anyway to those that enjoy it, well good… but I will stick to want went before.