6 comments on “My Re-imagined USS Enterprise Part 1

  1. I actually like the new guys playing the classic characters in Star Trek. I like Simon Pegg. He’s funny and he did get into full Scotty mode at the film’s climactic battle and escape from the singularity. Chris Pine, though, was the surprise for me. I’d seen most everybody else before (except Anton Yelchin, because I sat Terminator: Salvation after Star Trek) but I’d never seen Chris before. Now I’ve seen him in a few things and I’m becoming a fan. As Kirk, I think he portrayed both the not-so-serious/womanizing side and the commanding side very well. He’s a better actor than William Shatner and (according to my mom) better looking than William Shatner. 😉

    The “Enterprise.” Ugh. It’s fugly. I can’t stand it. I agree with your assessment as to its good and bad points. As for building it, I know there’s someone at SFM who is (or was) working on one and he and Tobias mentioned something about spline cages for the secondary hull. I’m not sure what those are because I have yet to use them, bu that’s what they said. Dan’s model is definitely much better, I’ve always liked his design style. I also like Gabe Koerner’s model.

    Nice start on the modifications. I’ve done this sort of thing before, but I’ve been more in the mood to to “canon” (or at least canonish) work of late. I look forward to seeing how yours progresses. I like the crew lounge windows, they fit nicely there. 🙂


    • I like most of them… Save Simon Pegg as much as I like the actor. he just falls short of Scotty, at least for me, but I could get over that…. the recasting is ok by me.

      My biggest dislike is how Kirk become Captain from Cadet,

      But I don´t want to bash the series, other than to say it not for me.
      but this guy covers all my problems with it.


      I have not seen Dan model, I tend to ignore the model really.. (I am bad)

      Thanks on the comment about the windows ….. I am jumping back and forward working on the look of them.. again I always like the tall ship thing with the windows at the back for the cabin …..

      I not used spline cages at all never had the need.


      • Dan is Madkoifish. That’s whose model I was saying I like. I know you’ve seen it, you have a picture of it in this post. 😉

        Yes, the cadet to captain thing is really dumb. It makes no sense. Plus, he’s 25. He was 32 or 33 originally when he became captain.


        • Oh I don´t remember his name (real) I thought your where talking about another version of the 2009 Enterprise I did not know about,. 🙂

          I think the 32 age group is far better and more experience in the Classic series.


          • Yeah, sorry about that. I guess I shouldn’t have used his real name. 😉

            Trust me, I won’t compliment that ship (we won’t even call it by it supposed name. ;)) I think Tobias’ model is the best one I’ve ever seen and I still don’t like the ship. It’s excellently modeled, but the design is crap. I much prefer some of the fan designs, like Madkoifish’s and Gabe’s

            Personally, I would like to see that crappy ship be destroyed and replaced at the beginning of the next movie. Preferably, with the actual TOS design. Or, if they want to make some modern “improvements,” they could go the way Deg did and do the ship as it appeared on the show but with some “logical” improvements, like RCS thrusters, shield grid lines and visible weapons. I like his TOS 1.5 ship a lot. 🙂 But, I’m sure they’re going to keep the fugly design for the foreseeable future.


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