2 comments on “My Re-imagined USS Enterprise Part 3

    • Thanks Mate.

      I am giving this some thought, do I want them to be landing pads..
      I been playing with the idea of just making them hatches for cargo bays,
      Deck 8 and Deck 9 ? And moving the landing pads further down.

      And the Side Hatches on the Primary Hull are what I am calling for the
      moment a tween deck..as the hatches are located between decks 6 and 7.

      Only in use in a dock these give access to both decks to boarding crew.

      I have some decks that are quite tall (due to the design of the Enterprise)
      that house 2 levels (but still count as a single deck.

      I think of these as maintenance levels for turbo elevators and such, so
      that engineers can work around, over and under as needed…

      I will post an image soon of what I have in mind.


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